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Help How to score more any input much apreciated!

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Hi i know im doing pretty well for the team i have but i just dont know why i dont score more tried changing things and they end up losing just managing to scrape 1-0s and 2-1s heres my team and roles and league table thanks.imageproxy.php?img=&key=869884a60f0c133d



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Not sure how good your striker is in the air but i really do find them more useful with a good aerial stat. Also a bit cliché but in my Bournemouth save, playing Defensive, Mixed passing, pressing and counter attack i seem to score more than on balanced/attacking so maybe defense is the best form of attack :)

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There doesn't seem to be many of your players that are capable of scoring. Has your wingers got decent shooting stats? Does your AP get up into the box to help out? Has your AF got good aerial for all of the crosses that come from your Wbs and wingers. I would push your AP up to AMC position to help your lone forward. Check the match report as there are some guides in how your team is performing.

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Thanks for all your great advice guys ive changed to this see how it goes for a few games i usual start the game on ballanced mentality then change to see how the game goes on heres what ive changed too what you guys think and dont really have any inside forwards in my team at all really tried dagnall in game just but was really bad tbh.



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