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Career The Porto Challenge.

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My name is Daniel. I've been a Handheld player since the 1st edition on PSP, and I've lurked this board for a few years. You guys have really helped me out, congratulations on all the awesome work you've done for so many people over the years.

I've played 70+ seasons on FMM17. I was starting to get annoyed at the game and I wanted to find something challenging. I found your challenges too specific for my patience atm :P  I will get on some goal-ones soon, though.

I've loaded a lot of files on my Samsung to choose a team to start with, all over again. I did pre-seasons with more than 20 teams. Celta intrigued me, Fenerbahce looked fun and Cova da Piedade bc Ricardo Barros <3 Then, I suddenly realized, If I'm doing a fancy topic and whatnot to introduce myself, why not go with the team of my heart?

This is just a challenge for myself; to introduce myself and to get to know you all better. I don't really have a specific goal in mind besides success; I might add one if things go well. I just want to share and discuss. Feel free to do so.

I will post random miscellaneous pictures (such as training regimes and attributes) in this album: 

F.C. Porto

Coach: Daniel Pereira

Engine: Enhanced

Europe: UEFA Champions League

Star Player: Yacine Brahimi (26 years old, Left Winger, Algeria)


- Become champion in 2 years, overcoming Benfica's reign of terror

- Cup success every year (Taça da Liga/Taça de Portugal)

- European success in 5 years
- Quarter-Finals of European Competitions every year
- Liga NOS' player of the year

- Liga NOS' top goalscorer/assister (one will suffice)
- Bring success to B Team (Segunda Liga top3)






I've decided to clean house, as you can see, conceding some astonishingly cheap prices because I have a very, very low patience :unamused:
My goal, as it always is in terms of squad, is to have a squad with 2 specific players for each position of my tactic. I usually loan the rest out, or in this case, I keep them in the B team, and replace them in case of injury, transfer or extreme unhappiness.
The key buy here is obviously Gelson Martins, the future of my team. Already an integral part of my XI at 21 years old. I really like wingers, I think everybody and their mother does. So I wanted nothing but the best in each side of the field. I bargained hard to get him, but I did it, and in this challenge, you will be hearing a lot from him in years to come :)

Sebastian Coates was an obvious buy for me when I saw his price. I had my 4 CB's already (with Hugo Basto's purchase: play him if you buy him and then thank me!), but this guy is something else. I also brought Fábio Martins from Braga (a darling from my old saves) to back up Brahimi (with Ruben Macedo waiting on the wings of FC Porto B). Predrag Rajkovic has no business being in Tel-Aviv with such a skillset, so I brought him to back-up, and possibly overtake Iver Casillas. I needed a reliable, experient backup to Ruben Neves to distribute play and lead the team; after a lot of research, I opted (and very excitedly!) for Fernando Gago, one of my favourite midfielders of all time.





I've played almost all my seasons with a 4-2-3-1, too. Two fullbacks, two no-nonsense centre-backs, one ball winning and a central, an advanced playmaker creating for two inside forwards and a poacher. This one is not too different, but I grew tired of the classic one and kinda tweaked it. I prefer to have DM's than MC's; this way I can send my full-backs off to the beautiful world of being wing-backs! :) This way, my team offers more of a danger by the flanks.

I want to dominate; it's as simple as that. I want to have possession, create plays, score goals, win games. But I like to have an immaculate defense, I'm a perfeccionist. So, this tactic will be tweaked sometime in the future.
I've decided to sub a DLP for a CM, simply because I love Ruben Neves. He had a beautiful breakthrough at my hometown club, not getting the minutes and respect he needs at the moment but with me, that'll all change! He's my primary outlet, I trust his passing skills from deep.
I decided to go with Gelson Martins as a Playmaker instead of an Inside Forward, because he is right-footed, and this way, I have a more diverse arsenal.
I tweaked a lot of the instruction panel. I normally played Balanced-Mixed-Mixed to pleasant results in previous saves, but I found that, since the update, this hasn't been working for me. Since I want to be the main team in the game, I'm going Attacking-Short, trusting my players, who are technically gifted, to keep possession. I'm a flank guy too, because I see a lot of 4-1-2-2-1 in Liga NOS, which is countered by my overwhelming pressure.



Just general intensive training, with a slight tweak on Fitness.











At the moment, I have an extra CB because I will need some rotation playing 4 competitions, and an extra ST (Soares) because I want to try different tactics around a target man, once in a while.



I'm a bit late starting this thread, but I got away from the playoffs scraping 2 goals in Gladbach! The Benfica draw was not something I fancied, conceding 2 goals isn't really my cup of tea. All in all it's a good start, I will keep you all updated soon! A big thank you, Força Porto!


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Enjoyed that introduction mate, welcome to the wonderful world of career posting! Looking forward to seeing how this pans out! You've placed this career under the tag chat instead of career pal

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Hello folks! :) I wish you all nothing but the best, thank you for your kind words and warm reception. I've done some things late night including a surprise last-minute transfer and UCL unfolding! Will keep y'all updated in a few hours max.

Pretty relevant question: is there anyway I can change this ridiculous username? :(


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Hello guys! :) 
This is this chapter's album: 


I've played quite a few games without telling you guys, I'm sorry I swear :( I've been making progress with my team, finding a steady balance between attack and defence. I prioritize a good defence instead of an all-out attack, that's why i tweaked my formation (more to come later.)



This was the first stage. I've been drawn alongside Manchester City, Real Madrid and Viktoria Plzen. I had the goal of 9 points in this group, and subsequent qualification to Europa League. In advanced planning of those, I figured out my best bet was to rest players against City to jump ahead of Sporting Lisbon with a fresh squad. Not really the results I was hoping for; I was hoping to get thrashed in England and had a very good showing. I was expecting to go toe-to-toe with Sporting but I got dominated instead!

I kept on with my tactic (rotating the squad in both Taças) to a moderate avail of success, withstanding Real's barrage which made me closer to Europa League. Rio Ave, which are my direct competitors at this time, held me to a draw in a very exciting match-up. 


I got a very nice group in Taça da Liga (which I'm gunning to win), this layout makes it possible for me to rotate my squad and keep everyone happy.





Boavista was a very tough game to play. I started with my usual formation, but their 4-5-1 was getting the best out of them. Unsatisfied, I played my team in Balanced-Direct-Flanks, as they changed to the 4-4-2 in the image. I couldn't score until the final minutes, so I analyzed them and suited my tactics to them. Luckily or not, in the next minutes I won a penalty that won me a game. Never quit on a game unless it's over, seriously. When you click that tactic change just right, the engine will give you a goal, trust me. Just study every time, and get it right.


Subsequent wins against Viktoria Plzen led me to 7 points in my group, in which I got a draw out of Manchester City in Dragão. I was tied with 8 points with Madrid, City leading with 10 and Plzen out of the equation. I had a game in the Bernabeu. It was not a big deal to lose; it was expected, and the Europa League might bring me some success in the first year. But I didn't quit, and suited my formation as seen above, to try and scrape a draw in the Bernabeu (which would've sufficed by goal difference). Behold my surprise accomplishment for this season!



1 goal conceded too, that's my pride in this save at the moment.


Since the shocking Tondela loss I tweaked my tactics a bit, here's the final outcome, really digging match stats with this one.


This has been my form ever since. Really added something to the stability of the game, I feel like I defend better, and create less but better chances.





Games for Taça da Liga and Taça de Portugal revealed a killer instinct in Fábio Martins and Juan Quintero, really liking those back-ups as of now. 

Yacine Brahimi and Gelson Martins have been absoutely amazing in my eyes, along with a very solid Iker Casillas. Not getting much success in my centre midfielders, though.

I'm a heavy rotation coach, as you can see. This is supported by my eternal love of this squad.


I've been drawn with Paris Saint-Germain for the 1st knockout round of the UCL.

I have a Vit. Setubal x Porto game next, which may put me 5 points clear of 2nd place on top.






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6 hours ago, 61650_1435690913 said:

Hello folks! :) I wish you all nothing but the best, thank you for your kind words and warm reception. I've done some things late night including a surprise last-minute transfer and UCL unfolding! Will keep y'all updated in a few hours max.

Pretty relevant question: is there anyway I can change this ridiculous username? :(


Really enjoying the write ups. I'm sure one of the mods can help you with the name change @Stam @Putzy

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This one was a must-win for me. I failed the chance to go 5 points clear in the table, going 2 points ahead of my eternal rivals. 

This is a crucial stage of my season; I have Taça da Liga/Taça de Portugal knockout rounds, UCL vs Paris-Saint-Germain is coming, games are all tightened up (3-4 days) and I have the blessing of a very low injury count. Sadly, my OCD doesn't let me play guys under 95%, only if ABSOLUTELY necessary, so I was about to enter a period when I must rotate wisely, and hard lol.



This little disaster happened in Taça de Portugal, leading to a mini heart-attack. I'm starting to tweak around a bit with the formation, changing Layun and Gelson's roles to try and maximize their skills, while rounding out team general settings, alternating the route of play., because I don't feel confident in them, I'm barely scraping through games and conceding a lot of opportunities. Then, something happened.


Money injection! 

Danilo Pereira is a very, very good player. He was an integral part of my team, but 64 million was a LOT of money to let slip through. I embraced it, wishing him my best goodbyes, and I tried to replace him accordingly, since I don't really have a BWM to directly fit in (i've been using Rui Pires from the B team to sub him, but he's naturally a DLP so he's not suited). I bought Gallito Vazquez in the last transfer day but he didn't show any results, so he's in the B too.



I found Franck Kessie to be the perfect replacement. For 22 million €, I picked up a for-sale, very reliable ball winning midfielder, to fit directly into the team. Little did I know, he would be injured intil the first game of April, leaving me with a hole in midfield.


I shifted some of the Danilo money into my wages, while I got my team ready to continue in Liga NOS's 1st place (with a 1-2 win on Choupana), and then disaster happened.



In an awful showing, I got knocked off Taça da Liga in the semi-finals. At this time, I decided to revamp the tactic a bit, and play a 4-2-2-2 with 2 advanced playmakers on the wings, a Trequartista Andre Silva and Aboubakar as a Poacher. It gave me a little bit of safety in the Liga.



I'm proud of my B-boys, doing pretty well!! Eyeing the loanees Rafa Soares (at Rio Ave), Victor Garcia (at Nacional), Omar Govea (at Leiria) and Fede Varela (at Vizela) for the first team in 2017-18, they're really standing out, especially Rafa, which I see myself conceding a XI spot.


This match against the 3rd place in the league made me 1 point ahead of Benfica in 26 games. Having already crashed out of Europe after a 0-2 in Dragão against PSG (and a 0-0 in the Parc), and having a 3-0 lead in Taça de Portugal's semi-finals, my focus was on winning the league!


Then, I had another heart attack. My fault because I tried to rearrange fitness levels and not play 9 or 10 usual starters.. but should my second-line lose by 3 at Maritimo?! This made me angry at the team. Nevertheless, I'm through to the final, and cup dreams are still alive. 


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Here we stand, 2 points ahead of Benfica, 27 games in, 7 remaining. My tactic is scaring me a bit (as you can see by Boavista's draw, which would have put me 4 points clear) and I reverted it back to the original, but I finally got Kessie back against Tondela, and now I have my full-power starting XI to face the rest of the league. My schedule isn't very hard, no derbies, no UCL, only the Taça final remaining, I can disregard rotation. And then, what happens? 
Daniel's Porto sadly crumbled to the pressure.



And thus, my primary goal has been postponed until next year: TAKING OVER BENFICA.

However, I conquered a lot of objectives that I proposed myself to, in the beginning of the season, with more or less dificulty, as I'll show below.




Come back in a few hours for the final season round-up, and the Taça final against Braga!

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That's an unfortunate turn of events mate, strengthening the squad to compete is a must, some of the B-Team should be ready to make the leap also hopefully

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I'm facing one of my most relevant challenges; I proposed myself to three main objectives, besides individual ones: win a cup, overcome Benfica in 2 years and achieve European quarter-finals. Well, basically I did none of that. PSG wiped me out in the first knockouts, Benfica came first in the 1st season and Taça da Liga slipped away from my hands. Besides individual squad success, I have a goal that's in my grasp: the Taça de Portugal. Braga are in a very good form, being one of my main rivals, with a very nice squad with lots of depth. Can I close the season on a positive note?


It was a very balanced, hard-fought game. But in the end, in disappointing fashion btw, I accomplished one of my main goals: domestic cup success. Hoping for revalidation next year! 
On a positive note, I reached all my secondary objectives, as Porto B crowned themselves champions too!




To close my first season with you guys, I'm gonna show you A and B-team's stats. Thank you for all the support, the next few days will hopefully bring full seasons at the rate I've been playing :) you motivated me, thanks guys! I'll become champ next year, I've revamped the team, I promise!









Bonus: Next Chapter Sneak Peek


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I start off with the same goals; to make Porto champion of Liga NOS, to win a cup, reach Europe quarter-finals, and as secondary objectives, individual success in scorer/top player/assister and the championship for Porto B. As such, I decided to strengthen myself according to those objectives, and spent some money.




In friendlys and playoffs, culminating in the Supertaça, I've been testing a tactic that seems to bring me good results and good games. I'm sticking with this one for a bit to see how it works. However, the midfield role change made me attack the market, and sell some players that otherwise were in my calculations.





I opted to sell Aboubakar, since he was becoming a bit unhappy and definitely wasn't my top prospect to play in the first XI since I have André Silva. Kessie was sold because I needed to make money for a new box-to-box midfielder to replace him directly. Low fee since I paid 22 millions, but I didn't have the best of experiences with him, and I have 25% of a future sale.
Telles, Layun and Maxi were all victims of Porto B's raid (which brought Rafa Soares and Victor Garcia straight to the A team and first XI, Chidozie Awaziem, Omar Govea and Fede Varela for midfield backup and poacher Rui Pedro), and gave me some tasty 40 millions to play with. I needed an advanced playmaker, because I sold an unhappy Quintero and Otávio wasn't really giving me the best of results. Coates was also sold because I feel Felipe over-shadows him, and I have promising young centre-backs waiting on the wings for a debut; might as well make a bit of profit while I can! I cleaned the B squad too for symbolical prices.




Francisco Geraldes was someone I really needed to buy, no matter the cost. Liga NOS' king of assists with only 24 games in all competitions (!!!) for Sporting and a very nice playmaker from other saves, he was my main target. And I got him, for a steep price but I believe he'll be worth it!


Denys Garmash was my choice for box-to-box midfielder, after some annoying and overwhelming scouting work. His attributes made it too hard for me not to pick him up; regardless of age, I highly regard him as my best signing yet. Let's hope proof appears.


Raphinha was my target for striker back-up. Since then, I've changed my mind (as I wanted Rui Pedro to back-up) and he'll be Gelson's replacement on the wing. He can back-up in each of the 4 attacking positions, really nice transfer for a promising young lad.


I've raided Benfica's youth with 50 million in hand. I've decided to bring Diogo Gonçalves for a high price. He'll be (hopefully) the focal point of my B team before promoting him (hopefully getting a nice transfer out of Gelson). Zé Gomes is a prodigy as we all know; Pedro Rodrigues and Ruben Dias are two very promising and reliable players, which I hope to promote real soon. Marcelo Hermes was the top assister in the Segunda Liga last year, and will be needed as I lack a LB backup. He'll start in Porto B, though.
I also brought in Ronaldo Vieira that was on the transfer list, and Ricardo Barros for a cheap fee to replace Rui Pedro's firepower in the B team.










I reached the UCL playoff by defeating Basel twice. I then had my first silverware chance this season, as I faced my eternal rivals Benfica for the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, with a great deal of success.




I'm now facing AC Milan in a very difficult play-off that might lead me to Europa League. I'll keep you guys updated!

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Some great reinforcements mate, love the idea of buying promising young players to develop and help the B-Team who could then come into the fold in a few years! Keep up the great work

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