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Help I need tested feedback

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Hello everyone 

any one have experience in fm mobile can tell which is better passing short or direct to have more possession and large number of shots??!!

and using offside trap will help in possession or just press alone is better ?



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Short will be better to keep possession as it's usually the safer ball, direct is more risky and as the name suggests direct. From my experience direct does lead to more shots (especially from deep) but they aren't always the best chances. A lot of it depends on your formation tbh, I tend to stick to short as it's the option I tend to like more, I'd rather my players be patient and have good chances.  

Offside trap will mean your players are higher up the pitch which will make pressing easier like you said as the space is more compact. In theory that could mean your players are closer together which could lead to better possession but at the cost of squeezing the pitch so it could be easier to lose the ball etc. 

Tbh i don't think I've ever seen a completely dominant possession based tactic as possession seems somewhat set across the engine, top my head it really feels on average it's always around 50/50. Even in games where you've dominated the shooting stats the possession is rarely extremely one sided IMO.  

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Thanks ashez fir your feedback

from your experience what is the best player roles fir a 4 1 2 2 1 formation ? Wingback or fullback? Deeb lying playmaker or ball winning midfielder ?

above him two advanced playmakers or one and center midfielder with him?

and finally complete forward or advanced forward?

thanks alote for your time

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