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Career Alexander Isak 1kc - completed

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On what is possibly my 20th attempt I have finally hit the big 1k! Apologies for the lack of a posted career - I have started and given up on the last few for various reasons (either through getting in a muddle and saving over current slots, having to delete the game as I've gone on holdiday with no space for pictures... or just failing), I just figured this would be the same so I didn't start one... Anyway, I hope I will still be considered for the leaderboard and can (with instruction on how) load up any required evidence.

I went for Isak because 4321 seems the way to go this year and a 16yr old wonder kid with 16 ariel to start off seemed like the right choice! I also have Martins as a entry for the assist leaderboard in 316 (4 were in the first season before I bought him).

The 1000th goal was of course a boring old penalty. I moved from Newcastle to FCP in the preseason and bought Isak so no goals were given up. I was Sweden manger for about a week but it just annoyed me so I quit with no extra goals for the tally.image.thumb.jpg.c5e34b8e78a2c79c2753ebc1794d7437.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.cd2017bfd40d6291828f57308bf5b96b.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.8aa33381beb1d5e23422a23a6a186881.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.1c8fc26dc54be2d768817204f7db4d02.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.cb43e3829a0f10686d6a38758a7d9570.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.59eb206698f4e16840a13b303e2c6de1.jpg


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fantastic work dude, I was thinking of starting a 1K with this lad, as you said a 16 year old with all those green stats is a dream come true for a 1K attempt

Great going dude, well done


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Good stuff! And his stats are still pretty good for a 33 year old, so you can push on and see how far you can take him! One question: Was it EME or OME? 

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