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Career Fuddled Fox takes on The Converted Winger Challenge

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Hi everyone.

This will be my first ever Career post having only recently discovered FMM17 having played PC FM/CM for about the last 20 something years. FMM17 definitely takes me back to those heady days in the 90s playing Champ Man (I was such a cool teenager).

I'm taking on the Converted Winger challenge. If your not familiar with this challenge you can find the details here. 

Who I will be Managing.



Who is my Converted Winger


He currently has no knowledge of playing in a strikers role but I'm hoping that at the tender age of 20 he can learn quickly. Looking at his stats I think he has almost everything needed to be a top Striker except probably aerial and strength and any knowledge of the role. I'm thinking perhaps playing him as a poacher to use his pace and shooting or perhaps deep lying forward which would also utilise his passing ability. If you guys have any suggestions then fire away (if that's not against the rules!). I need him to score me 30 goals this season so the correct role within my tactics is going to be crucial.

Really looking forward to this challenge. Hopefully I can put in a good effort and not fail miserably on my first attempt.

Hope to have my first update out in a few days.

Thanks to @JustM1kePlays for encouraging me to post and pointing me towards this challenge.

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Thanks for all the good luck messages.

Thought I would do an early season update.

The first thing I did when I took over the club was to put Lemar on a training regime to learn to be a Striker. He is also doing attacking as his training.

Unfortunately he hasn't really taken to it so far. I will continue to work with him to give him an understanding of the role.


He did make a positive start to life as a striker by scoring in his second game of the season. I have him on free kicks and penalties to try an maximise his scoring chances. 


I have tried a couple of formations. I did use an attacking 442 in first couple of games but Lemar wasn't getting involved enough in the game even though I have him as the primary attacker. I have since changed to a 4231.


I may of chosen the wrong player to do this challenge with as Mbappe is banging the goals in at the start of the season.



Heres our early season results. Little bit mixed in the league.



So not the most positive start to this challenge. I would of hoped for more than one penalty goal from the first seven matches of the season. There is still a lot of football to be played and hopefully with more training Lemar can start to bang them in. Only 29 more goals needed!

I plan to do the next update around half way in season.

Thanks for reading.


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Time for an update.

I took on board the advice I was given and changed up the tactics. I went to a 433 with two wingers and Lemar playing upfront as a poacher.Screenshot_20170523-184845.thumb.png.1a0b3c39882994f252143aceddb698c2.png

We did have an up turn in results with wins against Ludogorets and Stade Rennais (Lemar with the winner). We then only scored 1 goal in 5 matches looking completely toothless up front in the process. The board where starting to get restless.

I changed to a 442 narrow diamond, I wanted to try and dominate the centre of the park and give Lemar some help up top. The game with this tactic went like this.


RESULT!! Lemar hatrick and a comprehensive win, away we go. We then went on a six match unbeaten run winning 4 of the 6 games and Lemar was starting to score a few as well. Although a missed penalty by Lemar did cost us all 3 points Vs Lorient.


Then this game happened.


That was it. Time for the wheels to fall of completely.


We really didn't play badly in any of the 5 games after Marseille but not well enough and the board had seen enough.


Sacked before Christmas and my first ever Vibe Challenge ends in complete failure. Lemar ended my spell in charge with 8 goals but never looked comfortable up front. He struggled in training and never got any level of competency as a striker. In hindsight I maybe should have done the challenge with Mbappe who has some knowledge as a striker. I also never found a way of getting the team to play to Lemar strengths and I made one of the most exciting young teams in Europe look very pedestrian and average (we where 11th when I was sacked).


I think this is a great challenge and I will be starting it again with a different team in a different league very soon. I hope you have enjoyed my first career post. I just wish it could of been more successful (at least made whole season would of been nice) and I hope your read my next attempt at this challenge when I post it up soon.

Please be gentle with me in the comments I'm hurting at the moment :'(




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Getting "FMM sacked" is like getting a slap in the face. Altho you may have seen it coming. Hope you have an idea where things went south and learnt a valuable lesson for your next adventure.

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Being sacked is like a big kick in the balls Lol, Usually when you think of a challenge test for a tactic always good to have something proven first, But don't let this discourage you bud 

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Unlucky dude, but don't let this put you off 

I hope the help and support you've received here just makes you want to jump straight back on the horse and kick FMM ass

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8 hours ago, Mikee1984 said:

Unlucky there mate, fair play for posting even tho you failed as not many do. Best of luck next time.

Thanks for all the messages guys. The thought of not posting or starting again/reloading never occurred to me. I don't mind showing people when I fail which is often on FM.

2 hours ago, Rafa2017 said:

Being sacked is like a big kick in the balls Lol, Usually when you think of a challenge test for a tactic always good to have something proven first, But don't let this discourage you bud 


I'm going to take my time choosing the next team I do this with and try and get a plan to start with. 

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