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Career Taff Attempts The "Alphabet/Nation Lock/TT"

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2 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Looking good @Taff I think the Q and Z won't fit in this challenge, you should be all done by that stage looking at your figures already, good luck with the C's

Fingers crossed dude

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DR Congo in season 4? Bolasie running the show ? Well played mate looking forward to next season!

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Great job mate, great to see all these players getting great totals, I can't wait to C who you pick next (I'm even funnier:P). KIU

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9 hours ago, Taff said:

And on my game it's called Holland so thats what I'm calling it

What you should do is use Holland for H and Netherlands for N. Loophole! :laugh:

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16 hours ago, Taff said:

I was thinking of Sanchez and the Chileans but there really isn't too many options

And on my game it's called Holland so thats what I'm calling it

Fair enough, seems a reasonable way of looking at it, I've watched far too many episodes of Pointless to accept that as an answer! :D  

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Taff Attempts the "Alphabet/ Nation Lock/ TT

Season C

So after my earlier discussions regarding who to pick for this season I trolled through the Croatia, Czech Republic, Chile and Cameroon, but none of these had three really decent strikers so in the end we headed back to South America and called upon three very talented individuals from 



And here are my three magic men



James Rodriguez, who might not be an striker per say, but hell if those stats don't scream goal scorer


An FMM 17 fav Cordoba has some excellent stats and can be very lethal


My fourth choice, but after I couldn't sign Jackson Martinez for less than £60M (he's only valued at like £4.5M) I grabbed this lad and hell if he didn't deliver

So there's my new strike force and this season I decided to make a fresh tactical approach as well to try and maximise the goal scoring opportunities



Loosely based on my Blitz tactic from the Western Europe Challenge I simply moved the IF's back to make them Wingers, it worked well, obviously very weak at the back but seemed very strong going forward

 Here's my transfer dealings



Apart from my three new strikers I brought in Bernardo Silva to help out De Bruyne in the AM role


Only managed to shift Origi in the summer (and he was a pain in the ass every time we played Arsenal, then Batshuayi left in the winter, no one wanted to sign Lukaku because they couldn't afford his wages (really the guy was immense last season surely one of the big boys wanted him)

So the transfers done and the new tactic in place lets see how the team got on this year


Community Shield

We begin the season as always with the Community Shield 


And Rodriguez begins his City career with hat-trick which clinches the Community Shield once again

Euro Supercup

After last years success in the UCL we face Euro Cup Winners Liverpool in the Euro Supercup


Unfortunately we lose out in Extra time, ce sera sera

World Club Championship

We also have the pleasure of competing in the CWC for the first time in what feels like forever


Two of my Columbians secure the title even after having gone down to 9 men


We reach the EFL cup final for the third straight year, this time we face Chelsea (seriously we played these guys like 8/9 times this season)


After storming ahead 3-0 at half time we were lucky to scrape the win allowing ex player Aguero 2 changes which he took, but Man City retain the EFL Cup


The league didn't quite go to plan this year, with Man U jumping to 1st place 1 point ahead of us with 1 game to go, all we needed was Chelsea to hold them to a draw and we beat Leicester for the title 


Chelsea did their part holding United to a 2-2 draw but we couldn't beat Leicester so the title heads to the Red half of Manchester this season 

FA Cup

We also made it to the FA Cup final this year again and would face the Gunners


Who must have been firing blanks as we romp to a 3-1 win and retain the FA Cup


The UCL title in our hands, could we retain it along with the Community Shield, EFL and FA Cups

We are drawn in the group stage along with Real Madrid, Napoli and Trencin


We managed to top the group suffering just the one loss to Napoli

We then progress through the Knockout rounds



Shakhtar are our first opponents, but we manage to win the first leg and draw leg 2 and progress to the quarter finals to face our perpetual opponents Chelsea


Once again we win the first leg and hold our adversaries to a draw in the second leg, and now we go on to the semi finals to face Bayern


Who go down hard losing both legs and now we're in to the UCL Final for the second season and we come face to face with our fellow group E qualifiers Real Madrid

So into the final and we must once again face Real Madrid


And after both teams miss chances it comes down to my substitute midfielder Krychowiak to net the winner 4 minutes into injury time, but I'll take it 

So an up and down season grabbing the three domestic cups, the club world championship and the UCL title, shame about missing out on the league but there you go

Here's the end of season stats for my boys



Rodriguez still a beast 


Cordoba missed a fair bit of time this season and his stats suffered due to so much time on fitness training


Borja was my star of the season, missed very little time (only when his stamina was low, no injuries) 

But now the important part, how many did my three Colombians score


Rodriguez end the season with 41, but he missed about a month early on and also needed to be rested along with the others with so many games to play




Cordoba ends the season with 36, but he missed a lot more time than the others




Borja was excellent netting 47 goals (yes he played more, but considering he was my 4th choice I'm more than happy) he also excelled when the other two were out at the same time and I switched to a 4411 he started banging the goals in

Rodriguez: 41

Cordoba: 36

Borja: 47

Total: 124

Goals Scored: 347

Goals Remaining: 1153

Alphabet TT Table
Nation Goals
Argentina 117
Belgium 106
Columbia 124

So the Columbians outscoring the Argentinians, but they did use different tactics so it's tough to compare

Here's the boring bits




Team Stats


Once again it's one of my forwards leading the way with the assists

Player Awards


Borja just misses out on the WPOTY



So another good season, but this is defo going to take longer than I thought, but its a fun ride

My next adventure left me with little choice, so @AndersJ you countrymen better do me proud

See you all on the Down Low




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Ohhhhhh - unfortunately the game has not got them all, but i have just made a little article about Danish football, so i hope you make me PROUD :)!

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Impressive mate, I was unsure how they'd do when I saw them but they more than got the job done! 

Shame about the league but you smashed everything else, keep it up mate. 

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That's a great tally mate! I like the use of Rodriguez as a striker. I usually limit myself and only play players if they're green in that position.

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OK guys need some advice/help

I'm sitting on a big chunk of change here and fancy replacing Joe Hart, out of these below anyone have any recommendations (pretty sure I could afford any of them)


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All of my scout reports are basically the same

Good signing, good points bad points blah blah blah

Oh there's also Rulli to think about

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9 hours ago, Brenty92 said:

I swear by Bernd Leno so he gets my vote tbh! Solid as a rock

Cheers dude, I've used Leno, Ruli and a few others before just wanted to see what others had to say

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It's a fairly obvious one but De Gea is incredible in game. You'd probably still get at least 5 more seasons out of him even at 29. Donnarumma or Dragowski for the future too if you want to get them in early.

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Buy a young south american regen and save your pennies for your Eritrean strike force next year! 

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My go to keepers are DDG, Oblak, Rulli and Leno, tbh it takes a lot for a keeper to impress me but it's a role I do tend to stay to the same group of players. GK's are so hard to get right for some reason I just like to stay with the ones I trust. 

Karius ain't half bad either tbf 

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I ended up going with Ederson as i see city just signed him from SLB so it felt right

cheers guys season D is almost over but won't be able to update till at least Monday but might have season E done by then as well so hopefully double whammy

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This one is more for @Ashez


Check out who I'm facing in the FA Cup semi final

Pretty good for Shrewsbury 


not it so well in the league 



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