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Help English Results on news feed

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Whatever league I play in, I only seem to see the results of the premier league on my news feed. At the moment I'm playing in Portugal, I see a rivals fixture pop up but when I continue the game I don't see the result unless I go search for them but I do get the Premier league results. is this normal. Played with it like this for ages just finally had enough.

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News filter is global.. I have it on that so I can see if any other clubs make approaches for players I might want to compete for.. when I didn't then players I had scouted just got snapped up.  I think my playable leagues are Portugal England Italy and Spain. Is there any way I can tell exactly? This has always been the case when I play in any league other than England.. I always get before and after results of loads of English games.

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So this is still driving me crazy. Playing in Germany Bayern my rivals play the evening game and I never ever see their result. I instead get premier league results. Have tried changing the news to National even though I don't want to. Anyone else have this problem?

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