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Career Sunderland JV

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I'm going to do my own Jamie Vardy challenge! Out of the Prem clubs to choose from, I figured it's only right to use the club who's most likely to dumbly attempt this in real lifeIMG_1376.thumb.PNG.5b1d8bd22281c55286e8ee7998cc27b9.PNG

I miraculously won the premier once with them in season 2 but that's another story. I'll keep you posted on how i do!

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After some consideration I've found my attackerIMG_1377.thumb.PNG.04e27b29f848b03db5a67eb54cdf24a9.PNGCost me a solid 200,000 (he transferred before I bought him) excited to see if he can help me avoid relegation in a 4-3-2-1 setIMG_1378.thumb.PNG.a8c783fd3e293f0c9b1f2a2802aa95e3.PNG

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Seasons turning around, out of relegation, and my job is safe. Now if Stockton can stay on the field and maybe score some goals, that'd be nice IMG_1382.thumb.PNG.814fbdc571c8da7ac18b4702131736a2.PNGIMG_1383.thumb.PNG.b8a42976acb2e0e7b931bf27854abd3c.PNGIMG_1383.thumb.PNG.b8a42976acb2e0e7b931bf27854abd3c.PNG


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