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Fun/Games Vibe Legends & Vibe Rebels - [ Player Draft Completed ]


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Ok Guys time for the Player Draft how it will work is during the past careers i have done i will group each position and pick 2 from each position the first
Team will be for the Vibe Legends then the Vibe Rebels. Once the teams are picked i will go ahead and create their pages and catch them up to Vibe All Stars.
I will explain more about the Competition once their pages have been completed.

59428dedbd829_VibeASLogo2.png.449ac08eb077f13fd28ca59a483e625b.png  V  VibeLegendsLogo.png.9e3d13901ff96c9fa220ac76cb2ac177.png  V  59428dd17b8d4_VibeRebels.png.7e18a2bd0725d84b50122dedd49be7ce.png


Vibe All Stars  Team - LINK

Player Draft

Vibe Legends

  GK - Lochlin Highet - [Anfieldsquirrel] - Scottish
GK - Niall Cunningham - [Niall Cunningham] - Irish
D/DM R -  Jake Bannister - [JakeBanno] - English
D/DM R - Ben Reiner - [benjabo7] - English
D/DM L - James Sherry - [Prosherry] - Irish
D/DM L - Steven Bedeau - [StevenBedeau] Grenedan
D/DM C - Kun Aguero - [Kun Aguero] - Argentinian
DC - Jack Plummer - [JPlummz] - English
DC - Michael Shie - [TenDirection] - English
M/DM C - Rafael Martins - [Rafa] - Brazilian
M/DM C - Michael Sandland - [JustM1kePlays] - Gibraltarian
MC - Jack Bullock - [UKFootballScore] - English
M/AM R - Franco Kasic - [Franco] - Italian
M/AM R - Connor Davie - [Condo] - Scottish
M/AM L - Bati Goalov - [BatiGoal] - Russian
M/AM L - Tyler Brent - [Brenty92] - English
M/AM C - Jens De Wit - [Jens] - Belgian
AMC/SC - Declan Barry - [Dec] - English - [Captain]
SC - Ash Sale - [Ashez] - English - [Vice Captain]


Vibe Rebels

GK - Kristian Jaehn - [Kristianj99] - English
GK - Jonny Atkinson - [Juan C] - Gibraltarian
D/DM R - Liam Northam - [LNortham49] - English
D/DM R - Toby Sanderson - [Obika] - Omani
D/DM L - Corey Eaton-McKnight - [Corey] - English
D/DM L - Peter Varga - [44_Veezy] - Slovak
D/DM C - Rich Chapman - [Thepremiermanager] - English
DC - Alvin Tam - [xHadex] - Canadian
DC - Sancho Fernandez - [S4NCH0] - Mexican
M/DM C - George Thomas  - [ght123] - English
M/DM C - Odumu Tega - [thetega] - English
MC - Adam Quinn - [Gunnersaur] - Irish
M/AM R - Nathan Lynch - [J-savage] - Irish
M/AM R - Tom Langley - [Lewiitom] - English
M/AM L - Ege Asutay - [Ege] - Turkish
M/AM L - Prasant Prasath - [MerlionMaple] - English - [Vice Captain]
M/AM C - Leo Fong - [Leo] - Hong Kong
AMC/SC - Eliseo Alonso - [Eliseo10] - Gibraltarian
SC - Josh Mitchell - [JMitchy] - Scottish- [Captain]


More details to come soon!

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18 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Awesome! Do we sign up now, or wait? 

no one signs up. there is no sign up to this. vibe all stars team has already been completed.

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2 minutes ago, Kyle said:

i dont think you ever signed up before ?

No, unfortunately not. Oh well, seems I'll watch from the sidelines then. Still be interesting. :D

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1 minute ago, JustM1kePlays said:

The clash of the titan potential!

yes :D i like the use this as a title :D The Past (Legends) The Present (All Stars) and The Rebels (Vibe Rebels) :D

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43 minutes ago, Kyle said:

i do a 4-2-3-1 formation :)

This terrible bunch here has zero regard for rules and tactics once they step onto the holy grass. It's 11 BWMs once the ref blows his whistle :laugh:

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On 07/06/2017 at 09:06, Taff said:

I could always play my usual position Left Back (in the Changing rooms)

you are part of the all stars team :) as a M/AM R


Ok guys Player Draft is completed, Vibe Legends & Vibe Rebels Teams have now been Decided

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36 minutes ago, Kyle said:

will be setting up their pages soon.

I predict a legendary career for my Russian clone. Unless..unless he seeks solace in his Vodka bottles again after his first defeat.

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