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Challenges Tragedy Challenge

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Tragedy-it's a part of life that just happens sometimes. You can either crumble under pressure, or rise up. For example, chapecoenseIMG_1564.JPG.ab1868e60b2bccf6b7b5e93f27dee686.JPG

A year ago, they lost most of their team to a plane crash, but they're currently in 4th place. Also, there was "Il grande Torino" in the 1940'sIMG_1565.thumb.JPG.0608bc950f2f9b288e1c22b1b10cac48.JPGOne of the best teams of the decade lost their entire team in a plane crash in 1949. Life goes on after a tragedy, you just need to shape it for yourself. In this challenge, your entire first team and reserves died in a plane crash flying home from a game. Your goal is to continue short and long term success only using gray named players or players brought in from transfers. You can't sell your prior players, you must release, demote, or remove them from the game altogether. The objective is to win league despite the tragedy, and eventually continental qualification. Your score will be based off of your first five years as manager. Good luck to all those who participate!



  1. 75 points for a league title
  2. 100 points for euro cup victory
  3. 150 points for champions cup victory
  4. 50 points for any domestic cup victories within your country 
  5. 25 points for Player of the year/young player of the year in country
  6. 10 points for manager of the year
  7. 100 points for world player of the year 


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First of - its great that you want to create a challenge, many in this great community likes a good challenge. But maybe you could try to look into other Challenges first. When i say this its because of the lack of pictures, leaderboard and maybe you could dig a bit deeper in the idea/history. Actually i personally Think the idea is good and new, but maybe missing a bit more to it when you want others to wanna try it out. Hope that you unsterstand that my words are only advice. Best regards Anders

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