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Article U21-Nationalmannschaft - The future of German football.

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Past to present - the short history of the German U21 side.


Billedresultat for german flag


18th of june 2017 The Under21 European Championship begins. The Germans will face the Czechs, the Danes and the Italians. All players born in 1994 or later can be called up for the squad.

The Germans have participated 13 times before but only won it one time.

The German national side have since 1996 at least reached the semi finals in the European Championships.

The German national side had some tough years in the 1990s - loosing the final in 1992 and beaten in the States but an amazing Bulgarian side in 1994, but Die National Elf, have since 2002 finished 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and then won in Brazil.  Take a look at that fact again! Wonder what happened?...well I have a guess. The looked at their young talents. They looked at how they nurturied them. They took care of them and believed in them.

National fact that I often think of when comparing English football to the Bundesliga. Of the 46 players latest used in the U21 squad, only 3 play abroad with Sane in City being the clear best of the 3 statwise. All other players, play in the German divisions and many actually in the Bundesliga. FA are you still sure you are doing the right thing ?

From the short lesson in small facts and history I will now open pandoras box.


Present players we tend to use in FMM.


In my opinion some of he most talked about and most bought players from the Bundesliga and this seasons FMM, are :




Niklas Stark ( 21 from Hertha)

Marc-Oliver Kempf ( 21 from Freiburg)

Niklas Süle ( 21 and joining Bayern)

Matthias Ginter ( 22 from Dortmund)




Yannick Gerhardt ( 22 from Wolfsburg)

Leon Goretzka ( 21 from Schalke 04)


Offensive minded midfielders:


Max Meyer ( 21 from Schalke 04)

Max Arnold ( 22 from Wolfsburg and current captain).

Serge Gnarbry ( 21 from Werder Bremen ).

Mahmoud Dahoud ( 20 from BMG )

Levon Öztunali ( 20 from Mainz )

Nadiem Amiri ( 19 from Hoffenheim who has an amazing season !

Julian Brandt ( 20 from Leverkusen )




Davie Selke ( 21 from RB Leipzig )

Timo Werner ( 20 from RB Leipzig )

Maximillian Philipp ( 22 from Freibug).



When we look at the above players we can all find 4-5 we have used, but in the next part I will look at someone with less FMM spotlight on their boots.


Present players I want you to try in FMM.


Here are some of the players that I personally would recommend WHEN you load the german league. Theese players all are in, or lately have been, called up for the u21 squad. Pictures of them are taken a couple of years in to the game.


The Players in the following 10 players, have NOT even been trained with IT. So better stats are surely possible.


The “unknown keeper” from the german second division. Julian has amazing stats and is only 21 when the game starts. He has the potential to grow very strong with the right training. The greens overshadow his tiny lack of communication. Bonus - take a look at his very low salary!




 When one looks at Jeremys stats, the first that I spot I his versatility. He is 22 when the game stats and he is a must buy if you the right kind of money. Strong in tackle, fast and with stamina, whats not to like.




Mitchell Weiser here is one of the most consistent fullbacks you can find in tre german league. He plays fantasticully well in the Bundesliga and on the ekstra plus side, he adapts well and can play both sides!




One of the best defenders in the entire game. And look at his LOW wage! I have met and played with Kevin many times in my career, and his stats will grow with IT.

Must buy!



Amazing Timo is a powerhause - Die Maur -  There is not much else to say that don’t get corners against you, when playing Timo. If one could set the corner instructions, He could bring plenty goals to the game.




Max is valuable for any team when he can play three vital positions. His versatility is what I really like with him, and the fact that his passing is so good, his is ideal for BPD.



Look at how good he gets. Look at what this guy can do! A must buy If possible. He is at Leverkusen at the start of the game and with regular first time he will grow to be our BEAST!




Stefaniak comes from RB Leipzig. Give him some hours in the gym and expect assist from him. He is a very solid passer and can easily become German champion on any average Bundesliga side with the right tactic.




With probber training, I can asure you that Haberer is better than he looks! What amazes me and annoys me very much, he ALWAYS scores against me when I play in the Bundesliga. He is very aggressive and in a role up front where he can be a menace, he would greater than his stats tells us in year 2023.



Last but not least I give you Platte - he is really strong and I expect to see him in the National side at some point. What makes Felix so good is that he has very few lacks in his stats. He can step up for your team and play many different roles! Bonus - he is not hard to sign from Schalke 04.




One last word.


My adwise for you now if you are not familiar with the Bundesliga yet. See a live game, not in the television but were you can feel “die stimmung”. Germans sing, germans jump, germans stand and germans love to talk in the bar after the game about their beloved league. I envy them. Because they have it ALL. They have the structure, control of their finances, control of their fans and give their youth a chance of making it in the first team.

My last advice is - Buy the above before they choose to move to Bayern although they promised the fans, their grandma and their dog that they would NEVER ever move to one of the most hated clubs in Germany - Bayern ;)

Thanks to all the help i got with this article.



I Hope you have enjoyed the article. Best regards Anders.

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14 minutes ago, Real_Random said:

Great article mate. Very informative. Just to let you know Stefaniak plays for Dresden 

Thats right, my bad. But thanks mate :)

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Man, that U21 generation of Germans looks badass. And some nice "unknown" players right at their peak in your list too. Good read!

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Very nice read. Germany is in good shape for the years to come. Really liking these lesser known players

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Thanks guys! And yes my bet already now - Germany for the win in WC Russia! Some really good players in the Bundesliga!

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6 hours ago, Ashez said:

Great work mate, you brought a fair few players to my attention! Keep it up :) 

Thanks and Thank you very much for the co-driving 😉👍

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Really nice article there my friend some of them German kids look like potential beasts. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you very much ! That means alot coming from you :)! 

added 0 minutes later
1 hour ago, Mikee1984 said:

Really nice article there my friend some of them German kids look like potential beasts. Keep up the good work.


1 hour ago, samhardy said:

Not much more to say that hasn't already been said! Great work :)

Thank you very much ! That means alot coming from you guys  :)! 

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