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Challenges Challenge Showcase - Lurgan Celtic - The Other Celtic

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Challenge Showcase - An Introduction

"What is Challenge Showcase?" I hear you think to yourself, whilst you sip on that $500 latté in your right hand, made by a group of the world's finest baristas and intensely sim through another match on FMM.

Well, okay, maybe that's not quite what you're doing, but I'm close, right?

Anyway, to answer your question, hello Vibe! First time caller, very long time listener. Challenge Showcase is a series I thought I would do. This is inspired by the many challenges I have seen here on Vibe. I thought I would perhaps shed some light on some of the lesser known or even brand-spanking-new challenges to be played on FMM!

Just a question, how often would you guys like to see this? I was thinking once a week or even bi-weekly as new challenges can be hard to find

So without further ado, let's begin with the very first challenge of this series - the 'Other Celtic' challenge with Lurgan Celtic!

The Club - Lurgan Celtic


Lurgan Celtic is a semi-professional football club based in Lurgan, County Armagh in Northern Ireland. They currently play in the NIFL Championship. Their ground holds 1000 people and is named Knockramer Park. They where a very similar strip to that of Glasgow Celtic. In their current state, they were formed in 1970, although a club by the name of Lurgan Celtic was formed in 1903. However, the 1903 'version' of Lurgan Celtic dissolved as the Gaelic Athletic Association, the official body of Gaelic sports, was in it's early years during this time and was trying to promote Gaelic Irish sports and football in particular was seen as 'foreign' and was discouraged

A change in attitudes gradually took hold in the early 1970s and Lurgan Celtic was reborn to try its luck again in the local football scene, quickly rising to become one of the strongest clubs in the Craigavon area. However, Northern Irish Football League membership remained elusive through these years, partly due to the club Glenavon being so close to Lurgan when the IFA was attempting to reach out to new footballing towns. It was also felt that the club's Catholic stance (the name Celtic makes that very clear) in a mainly Protestant league was preventing them from membership. So strongly was this felt that the club joined forces with Belfast club Donegal Celtic, another club that took its name and kit from the Glasgow club, and threatened the League with legal action to gain membership. The restructuring of the league in the early part of the 21st century eventually resulted in both Celtic clubs gaining admission to the Irish Football League Second Division for the 2002–03 season.

So far in their history, they have won the Bob Radcliffe Cup in the 1997-8 and 2011-12 seasons, the Northern Ireland Intermediate League in the 2000-1 season, the Mid-Ulster Football League in the 1997-8 season and the NIFL Championship 2 (the third tier of the Northern Irish league) in the 2014-5 season. They also performed one of Northern Ireland's biggest giant-killings of recent times, when they made it to the 2015-16 Irish Cup Semi-finals by beating NIFL Premiership side Portadown 3-2.

The Other Celtic Challenge - A Summary

This 100% brand new challenge was developed by myself while I was messing around with the game's code through Hex Editor. Through this I was able to move a club from an unplayable league to a playable one. This can be done very easily.

Steps to setting up this challenge:

Step 1: Download a hex editor from your app store. There are multiple to choose from. The simplest being Hex Editor Free.

Step 2: Start a brand new save, but start unemployed, save the game and exit (you must exit for this to work).

Step 3: Simulate until the last week of the first season, one week before the new season fixtures are drawn. (25th of June I think)

Step 3: Go to the following; Android>data>com.sigames.fmm2017>files>save_games

Step 4: Go to the save file of your new unemployed save you just made.

Step 5: Click the magnifying glass button on the top of the screen, click the ASCII option and put Lurgan Celtic in the 'Value' space.

Step 6: After it finds Lurgan Celtic, search 005000 by Hex this time, it will highlight those numbers

Step 7: Replace the 55 in this number with the number 17.

Step 8: Save this edit. Now go into the game and and advance until next season. Lurgan Celtic should now be in the Scottish League 2.


The goals of this challenge are simple;

(1) The squad is empty and your transfer budget is low, so you must assemble a squad using mainly youth academy players (and maybe a bought player or two). The first season WILL be all about building a solid foundation to work with, however, avoiding relegation is a must. If you get relegated Lurgan will be relegated to the unplayable leagues and you will be sacked.

(2) Eventually, you want to gain promotion to the Scottish Premiership.

(3) Eventually, another goal will be to beat Glasgow Celtic 4 times over the course of a season (beating them in every league game).

(4) Win the Premiership.

(5) Win the Champions League


That's it for today! Will you try this challenge? Reply! Feedback is always welcome!

Also, leave suggestions on any challenges I should cover below!

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That's a toughie for sure but quite like the idea of seeing some brandnew teams on display. Hope someone gets their hands dirty on this one, looks a fun journey.

Great challenge!

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6 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

That's a toughie for sure but quite like the idea of seeing some brandnew teams on display. Hope someone gets their hands dirty on this one, looks a fun journey.

Great challenge!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading!

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