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Tactics 3-5-2/5-3-2 Lower League Domination (OME)


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Hey guys, new viber here!!

I have finally decided to become a member, after months of reading some amazing content produced by other members,  I wanted to become a part of what seems to be an amazing community from an outsider's perspective. However I did not want to become a member without at least having a decent first piece of content to share with you all. (First impressions are important after all)

So without further introduction, I present to you my tactic:



I have opted for a three man defence, all set to the same role as I aimed to keep my defence in line.

The five man midfield is composed of a CM who acts as a support, so he contributes to both attacking and defensive phases of play. A DLP, who defends the back three whilst staying on his feet and providing balls to players higher up the pitch. An AP who in my case was the star man, both setting up and scoring goals, throughout an amazing season. And lastly the two WM's, who have a similar role to the CM in the sense that they both contribute to attacking and defensive phases of play.

The attacking roles have been selected because I believe an AF is one of the best roles to have in any lower league team, as they can again both provide and score goals and I feel that they have good synergy with a TM, because the TM can help to keep the AF on side and bring the AP into play to score goals of his own.


I have kept the instructions pretty balanced as I wanted majority of my team to contribute to both phases of play. However I have opted for both committed tackling and pressing, with the logic that my team will fight to win the ball back straight away and not allow the opponent any time on the ball.



The same logic behind each role choice applies to the 3-5-2, however I have swapped the WMs for WBs. I generally usethis formation when I am predicted as the weaker team, or winning a tight game and trying to hold the lead.

The wingbacks have been selected to provide more support for the back three, as well as producing more crosses for the TM when the chance to do so arises. 


The instructions are exactly the same as the 3-5-2 as I still wanted my players to contribute to both phases of play.










41 wins and just 1 loss in the league all season, as well as a domestic double!!!









Finished the second season with 9 losses, but still managed to score over a hundred goals and only concede 43 over the course of the season. We also managed to win another domestic double!!!









The third season saw us lose just 5 games and again score over a hundred goals, whilst only conceding 45 over the course of the season. We also won the league and got promoted to League one, in the space of just three seasons.....


FA Trophy x2

Southern League trophy

National league trophy

League 2 trophy





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On a side note, use the formation which makes more sense based on what positions are available in your chosen team. For example if you have a team with better WBs than WMs, or your WMs are injured, then go for the 5 man formation.

Both formations have been set up so the team plays exactly the same way either way. It all just depends on who you have at your disposal.

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6 minutes ago, ExhilaratingEriksen said:

Welcome to Vibe mate! Nice to see a successful OME tactic on here since it a lot of people use it/post about it anymore. How many goals does your AP and TM average?

Unfortunately I haven't got the save any more to prove it, but I mostly played Kissock as the AP, and I would rotate the strikers. But on average they would all score and assist around 20-30+ goals each. I must admit the AP and strikers carry this tactic

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Looks really solid and the results speak for themselves. I also generally use a "home and away" formation when managing smaller teams so I'm not entirely surprised how well you did with tiny Ebbsfleet. 

Great first post and welcome :)

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5 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Looks really solid and the results speak for themselves. I also generally use a "home and away" formation when managing smaller teams so I'm not entirely surprised how well you did with tiny Ebbsfleet. 

Great first post and welcome :)

Wow another vibe legend :O

Thanks for the feedback mate, it really means a lot. Another reason I went for a home and away formation was to keep the squad harmony up, so I gave both the wingbacks and wide midfielders game time. Plus it gave me more depth when looking at the transfer market for players.

Still gutted I didn't get an invincible season though, the only game I lost was at home against flipping Margate and the final result was literally only 1-0. 

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