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Challenges The Basque Rule challenge

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Alright everyone, first challenge idea/ post on here. The challenge is loosely based on kts365s series 'the local lads'. 

The Challenge: 

Athletic Bilbao have an unwritten rule that they must only use players from the basque region and this challenege is inspired by that. The aim is to take a team in league 2 or below to premiership (and worldwide if successful) glory using only players from your chosen teams academy. This means that all players who didn't come through the clubs academy must be sold/demoted. Therefore your team will consist of:

  • All original players in the team who came through the academy
  • Reserve team (greyed out) players 
  • Youth team promotions at the beginning of each new season
  • Players signed from other clubs who initially came through your chosen clubs academy (max. of 3 players)
  • 1 marquee player - A player of your choice who has no relevance to your chosen club (cannot be a striker)

A history of players that have come through any clubs academy can be found on www.transfermarkt.co.uk -> your chosen team -> history -> youth academy

For example for all players to have come through Crewe Alexandras Youth Academy: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/crewe-alexandra/jugendarbeit/verein/1042/plus/0/galerie/0?wettbewerb_id=gesamt&option=0&art=0


The Rules:

  • Your chosen team must be from one of the following: Sky Bet League 2, Vanarama National League, Vanarama National League South/North 
  • All players not from your chosen teams youth academy must be sold or demoted. 
  • 1 marquee player must NOT be a striker
  • Maximum of 3 players in the club that have been signed from other teams (who initially came through your chosen clubs academy e.g. Nick Powell could be signed from Wigan if your chosen team was Crewe Alexandra).
  • NO unlockables (unless earned during this challenge) and NO editors, reloading etc. allowed.
  • You allowed to start with a Gold Coaching Badge

This challenge is based around development of youth players and is a good journey to undergo at this backend of FMM17. Here's some of the best reserve team players to have developed from my demo Crewe Alexandra career: 





Good luck!

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