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Der Kaïzer

Best German Staffing for you

Before i start,


I want to explain that i already managed through 6 seasons with almost 80% succesful player growth, an expertise "free" signing, and a 3 times injury free seasons

As you can see that my staff team structure filled by


1. Phillip Lahm (Motivational, Natural, with Gold badge)


This is very crucial for my team, because Lahm is my main captain with 20 score of Leadership and have a huge role to give player a lecture of motivation. Even my least played player "Javi Martinez" has a superb morale for almost full season.


2. Patrick Borger (Defensive, Natural, with Gold Badge)


For my team, having a solid defence is the main key to win you a title. My team has the least conceding record in a season with 10 goals conceded only with " Leno; Fabinho, Dier, Lindelőf, Alaba (C)" 


3. Matthias Kaltenbach (Attacking, Natural, Silver Badge start*)


With a solid defence, you have to have a cruel striker, and Kaltenbach truly improving my attacker. For years i have a lot of in and out striker like

Belotti (£18m from Torino),             Werner (£13.5m from Red Bull Leipzig),

Lewandowski (Real Madrid , for £92m) 36y.o Ribery (Monaco, for £44.5m)   39y.o Klose (ManUtd, for £28m)

Whilst my main goal getter gone, Werner stepped up as my main striker with Müller with 48 goals between them, with Belotti as their back up 24 goals.


4. Martin Scharrer (General, Natural, Gold Badge)

Yes, after you made good attacker and defender. You need to make sure that you have a "General" kind of coach to improve all player growth stability, and martin scharrer does that brilliantly. He make an old Toni Kroos stable on 32 aged, improving Alaba and Fabinho to their limit, and keeping Müller goal stats consistently on 2 digits every season. Even My Bernd Leno is happy with his coaching.



1. Waldemar Wrobel (Tactical Analyst, Gold)


Every matchday reports from Wrobel is just brilliant, he even consider a 2nd tier player of Real Madrid as their main threat (Asensio). And helping me made a decision to sign whoever shortlisted player (including Belotti (Lewandowski Succesor), and Dier to replace Boateng (Who went to Man.City for £50m).


2.Oliver Ruhnert (Youth Scout, Bronze Badge start*)

To make sure your squad have a good regeneration for your main team, you have to keep atleast 1 youth scout (but i recommend you to have 2 in minimum). He got the eyes of Eagle, caught the like of Cubas, Thiago Maia, Dani Ceballos, etc. And i very recommend you to have him.


3. Johannes Spors (First Team Scout, Gold Badge)

And the last piece of puzzle, you have to have a first team scout to help you make a decision to sign a player. His recommendation are brilliant, like Belotti as Lewandowski replacement, Eric Dier to fill Boateng's hole, and Emre Can as Vidal succesor.



1. Mandy Rosenchon (Female, Prevention, Gold Badge)

To keep your team injury free, a good prevention kind of physio is the key. And Rosenchon does that brilliantly to keep Thiago (which was injury prone) free from injury for 4 season straight, Niklas Dorsch, etc. She is my main key to keep my team injury free for almost 3 years.


2. Daniel Flottmann (Rehabilitation, Gold Badge) 

I just recently got him from FC Freiburg after my another rehab physio (Roman Weidenfeller) signed for BVB. He's doing decent by recommending an injured recurring issued player to take a treatment and changing Mahmoud Dahoud from injury prone to a slightly injury prone (which is brilliant).


3. Stephan Weickert (Rehabilitation, Gold Badge)


He is my main man to make sure an injured player to get fast recovery and reducing the recovery time of a player who got injured while training.


That's it guys, i'm sorry for the long post. As my apologies letter, i will give you a screenshot of my main tactic who will forced a strong team like Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc plays ultra defensive and less posessio .


Have a good day



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