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Chat Hi, My Name is Roga - I'm a FMM addict


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Whats up vibers

Sometimes life can pan out in ways we never expected - FMM

At times you feel you're doing things the right way when in reality you're doing it wrong                                                               While at others times you feel you have been doing awful while in reality you're doing just fine

In this post i will explain one of the things that had me interested in this wonderful game in the first place


From having the feeling of having conquered world football, winning titles on a regular basis, to the times where you have to fight for the sake of your managerial career or having to face the reality of being sacked from the club you loved dearly for not meeting the clubs standard...Its a feature i love and hate the most but it makes the game feel more alive...something that i enjoy so much...and the best thing about it is that not many manager games has that

And if i may...i want to ask you something : what are the features you love the most about this game and if there is, what are the features you hate the most from the game

That is it from me now...Cheerio

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