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Bringing transfer listed players to your club ON LOAN

Hi Guys first of all thanks for reading my post but I think no one in the community of football manager mobile ever knew about this trick that you can do when trying to get a bargain on a player just by loaning them in and buying them after. The buying option after loan deal is optional by the way.

For evidence of this working, I have just done a video on it on YouTube (pending approval of video link)

You can do this any club you want to do it with but if you are doing this in your first season then I would advise that you wait until the January Transfer Window and if you already have players on loan and havent used them, terminate their loan deals and bring in some new players. I dont have any photo's to show you this but it does work.

To do this you will need to do the following
1. Set your search options to 'Transfer Listed'
2. Select the player(s) you want to sign
3. Enquire about that player (only if you want to buy him permanently after loan deal)
4. Make a loan offer plus buyout (optional)
5. Accept the loan offer if a loan contract has been accepted by parent club
6. BOOM the player is yours for the season.

This is also optional but if you are wanting to get players that are transfer listed within your transfer budget after a loan deal, I would advise that you enquire about the transfer listed player first, then make a loan offer plus a buyout option of the amount that you have enquired for.

If you are using lower class premier league clubs like Hull, Bournemouth and Sunderland, then I would advise aiming to get players that are transfer listed on loan from middle class premier league clubs.

If you are using high championship teams like Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield, then try and get players from either low class premier league clubs or even higher class championship teams.

When using middle and lower championship teams try and get players that are in the same area (middle and lower). 

High League 1 teams such as Bolton and Sheffield United. Aim for lower or middle championship teams and if possible premier league players that are transfer listed.

High league 2 teams. Aim for lower or middle league 1 teams (some high league 1 teams should accept deals aswell).

If you are using National League teams don't aim to get championship or premier league players, but aim for lower league 1 players and league 2 players.

If you have any problems doing this, comment down below and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

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I guess , here you are talking about taking a transfer listed player on loan with buy out option. The thing is you can have player , play him , ..but when to go to buy out the player ...in most cases player is going to turn down contract or will ask for exorbitant amount of wage .

So far this hasn't worked out for me . Although i never tried loaning transfer listed player .... except in few cases where i took regens (T.L) wit buyout . Then bought them in end ... i succeeded in doing so coz they were young & were from club of same /low reputation to mine.

But if it's working then its nice & do provide some snapshot while ur doing this.

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I've often loaned a transfer listed player but every time without fail I forget about the buyout clause, great article buddy ??

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another thing i forgot to mention is if the club has a player transfer listed but you send a loan offer and gets rejected, resubmit a loan offer for the same player with buyout. @Nick11 I was on about it in a way but some players that were transfer listed never needed a buyout clause.

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I also found out that it can work with the big clubs in the premier league, but when you enquire about the player and make a loan offer, make sure that your buyout clause is atleast £5m to £10m higher than the enquired amount then you will be able to get them in to your team on loan but still the buyout loan option is still optional meaning you dont have to buy the player if you dont want to.

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