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Chat Which one is Berbatov's regen?

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So, as the title suggests, which one do you think is Berbatov's regen? Both acquired in the same season; both appeared after Berbatov retired; one cost 1.2m while the other cost 50k!

I'll post back here after I train both for about a week.



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That's a real tough one, I'm leaning towards the first though. 

Did you retrain the second? If not purely based on positions I think the second might be Tim Cahill or Gudjohnsen. 

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My guess is One Is Berbatov while second is Martin Kamburov. Berbatov's positions match up with number 1 while Kamburov's positions match number 2. Tim Cahill is natural in both positions while Gudjohnsen doesn't line up positions wise

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No other Bulgarian appeared with matching positions on the test save i loaded so I just looked for the closest options on my save haha. If someone matches the second ones positions that case is closed then :). I leaned towards Cahill as his were closest and regens apparently can change positionly etc. 

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Kamburov shows up on the England database when other countries are loaded. I am assuming the OP has the England and Other countries loaded. Here are the images of the two players I think they are for future reference 

Player One Berbatov


Player Two KamburovIMG_2123.thumb.PNG.47b75cca7c1ce5dcd93b6766b272349c.PNG

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