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Chat Vibe Needs You - A Community Scout Call

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Hey guys!With preseason tours winding down and the new season about to start we'd like to invite you all to join us for a special community project - The Scout Squad!


Please comment on this thread which team is either:


1. the one you support; or

2. your local club


and reach out to the writing team to be our community scout!


(Community scouts will be invited to take part in our season previews as a eye on the ground to talk about transfers/tactical changes/players to watch out for/predictions)


@mcandrew003 please check if I'm in the right section!


(Currently prioritizing scouts for clubs in the National League!)




@Brenty92 - Liverpool

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1 hour ago, MasonT827 said:

I'm confused, what do you need me to do?

Edited to include the answer man - phone was close to flat!


(sorry about that!)

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A great idea that @KennyMiller27 had, basically people around the community will take a look at their local teams and pick out transfers, key players etc....

This way, we all have an idea about new teams and you guys are getting involved!

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1 hour ago, W4RLOCK said:

@KennyMiller27 Excellent Idea....May I Sign Up please....

Team I Support : Manchester United


1 hour ago, Jeroenvk94 said:

Feyenoord Rotterdam!


1 hour ago, Calla-98 said:

Ajax Amsterdam is the team that i support. 

Hey guys, please shoot me messages and let's talk!


Also Gondor calls for aid from those who either support or are near the six newly-promoted sides into Conference North & South!


(Spennymoor Utd, Blyth Spartans, Leamington, Chippenham, Havant&Waterlooville and Bognor Regis)

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