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Career Recreativo De Huelva


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About to start with this team to see if I can bring them to the top where the oldest Spanish team should be!

So if you know good cheap players I can buy then let me know!




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If you're looking for a striker try Tasos Karamanos a.k.a 'David' :) (don't ask lol) valued at 20k. Got him on a pl.ex. deal but shouldn't come too expensive I think. Quality player for small teams.

What's the price range? 0-100k? 

Any positions in particular? I could do a check if you're a little more specific.

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How many countries have you loaded.? If you have loaded just Spain look for Eñaut Zubikarai who you will be able to find at Auckland City FC in New Zealand. I'm not sure if he can be found when Spain and other countries have been loaded. Good luck with your career. 

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I second Bati's comment, he had Tasos scoring on par with Lewandowski in a crazy challenge! Also search for Roland Sallai, beast AM and can be picked up for no more than 275k

Good luck mate

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4 hours ago, Pipe said:

89I tried to buy the guys y'all told me but they decided to go to another team lol but I got a few players on loan!

That's annoying mate. Especially playing smaller teams all those players we're interested in get so many rival bids, makes it hard to get the players topping our shortlist.

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