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Career Dawn of the Kings


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All Hail the Kings

Leeds United, they used to be a really dominating and a top level club in the 90s, however after some ownership and manager changes they saw their downfall happen.

So here I will be doing two Parallel careers , In one I will be using Sugar Daddy cheat so that I can buy Football Meastros like C.Ronaldo, L.Messi, E.Hazard, G.Bale, S.Aguero, L.Suarez, ETC.

and in one save I will be using no cheats and try to conquer the EPL title by first getting Promoted and winning other trophies.

So i need some suggestion, I will be playing in 4-4-2 Attack Formation.And I already have sugar daddy on, so budget isn't really a problem, I am going to put up a total new team.  I sold all the Leeds players and somehow got €45.75m. + Sugar Daddy.So now the thing is that I will only be having upto 25 players in the team. So what all players should I sign for the following positions.

#1 GK - Neuer (Bought for €57m)

#2 DC {Who should I sign} Need to be a young one as I don't really see him as a first choice CB.

#3 DC - Pique - (Bought for €59.5m)

#4 DC - Ramos - (Bought for €62m)

#5 DL/R -

#6 MC (Defensive) - Pogba (€92m)

#7 AML - C.Ronaldo (€125m)

#8 MC (Playmaker) {Who should I sign}

#9 SC 【First Choice Striker】 {Who should I sign}

#10 AMC/SC - L.Messi (€135m)

#11 AMR {Who should I sign)

#12 DL - Marcelo (€67m)

#13 GK 【Second Choice GK】 Courtois

#14 SC 【Second Choice ST after #10 & #9】

#15 DR Carvajal (€55m)

#16 DMC Casemiro (€52m)

#17 AMR (Who to sign?) - Not first choice

#18 DC (Who to sign) - Limited Def/ Back Up

#19 MC Modric (€72m)

#20 SC (Who to sign?) Back Up

#21 DR/L (Who to sign?) Second choice after Carva or Marcelo

#22 AML/R ( Who to sign?) BACK UP WINGER

#23 AMC (Who to sign?) Back Up attacking mid after #10)

#24 DMC (Who to sign?) Back Up 

#25 GK (who? - Youngster) 3rd choice.

So those at back up and third choice i don't really want. High level player as they might find less playing time then those first choice so just either some youngsters or a player who doesn't exactly play very often.

Thank you, will be seeing the suggestions and then update the game and posts


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