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Career The Return Of Marseille


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The Return Of Marseille


Hello, and welcome everybody, to my first FMM career showcased on here! I am going to have to stow away my hatred for Marseille for this save as I am a PSG fan. If you guys didn't know, Marseille used to be the best team in France. Les Olympiens have won 9 consecutive Ligue 1 titles, 10 Coupe de France titles, and one UEFA Champions league. They are the only french club to have won a UCL trophy, which of course I am jealous of. Marseille play their games at home in the Stade Vélodrome with a capacity of 67,000. They have a very large fan base, and they are known to have strong hatred towards Paris. Although they have had all this success, ever since PSG arised, they started becoming weaker, finishing in the mid table usually. In the 2016/17 season, they finished 5th.

My Goal:

My goal is to make Marseille the team it used to be. I want the team to become a strong and feared team in France, and in all of Europe. My first season replacing Raul Garcia, I would like to finish in a spot where I can qualify for either Europa or UEFA Champions league. 

Rules: No cheats whatsoever, no editing whatsoever. 


First Season:

The first thing I did was end the loans of Gomis and N'his, I didn't think I needed them as I am looking to sign a big striker for us this season. Our balance was around €12M 





Sold a few young players to bring in some money because we didn't have much.

I brought two new strikers to the club, Fernando Forestieri, whose stats were something the club could use, he looked like a natural goal scorer. I brought back french striker Gignac to Marseille! After many years, hes now back at the club, he still has a few seasons in him, and will do great alongside Forestieri! 

We had one goalkeeper (Péle) don't get me wrong, Péle is a fantastic goalkeeper In real life, but, in FM, he won't survive as the first team goalkeeper. So I decided to bring in a young and talented goalkeeper, Rajkovic! Some of you guys might know him, none the less, he's an excellent goalie, and will be a great one for us.





This is our current strongest lineup


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you stick with me on this career! Make sure you follow so you can be updated to when I post. Updates soon :)



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1 hour ago, Taff said:

Good luck dude, looking forward to seeing OM back on top of Ligue 1


1 hour ago, Risheek said:

Good luck mate! Marseille is class tbh, hope u can restore them!

Thanks guys!

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January Update:

We are more than halfway finished with season 1 of this career! Here's how we are doing so far.


January Transfers:


No January transfers this season! 

There was a deal between Doria, our young talented central defender and Everton. The deal was going to be Doria moving to Everton for €15.5M + 10% sell on. Doria was frustrated by his lack of playing time (Rolando and Rekik starting over him) so he decided he wanted to leave the club. 

In the end, the deal was never completed due to a work permit not being granted for Doria to play in England! 

To be honest I needed the money from that sale and am kinda disappointed it didn't go through. Let me know your opinion on wether I should sell or keep him







3rd position! My goal is to qualify for either Europa or UCL, and it's looking accomplish able so far! Let's hope we can keep it up!



Dissapointing! We were knocked out of the Coupe de la Ligue in the quarterfinals against Nantes! Gignac saved us in the second half to secure extra time, but we moved on to penalties where we lossed 5-6. I was hoping for this trophy to be in my trophy case for my first season. Better luck next time I guess.



Heres an overview of everything! We are still in the French cup, and I'm hungry for a trophy , so I'm doing everything possible to get that one. Our financial state is okay. I'm happy with the wage, but I'm gonna need a higher transfer budget if I want to bring in some good players. I'll see what I can do this summer. My top scorer is Gignac, who is enjoying a wonderful first season back in France! Thauvin on loan is having a decent season as well with 6 assists.





Le classique, the biggest match in France between Marseille and Paris. Our first one was away at the Parc des prince, in Ligue 1. Gignac opened up the scoring in the 3rd minute to give us high hopes. But a goal in the 19th from Di Maria, shut us down for the rest of the game. 

1-1 this time!


Star Player:




Like I said before, Gignac is having a great season back in France! 24 games and 14 goals is not bad at all! More goals are to come. I feel like he is a bit underpayed with that €35,000/week contract, but nobody is complaining lol! 


Hope you guys enjoyed this little update!

And please make sure to follow so you can stay up to date with this save ! Thanks!

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I played Marseille in a recent career and they've got a nice starting squad. You should easily reach a European spot with this team. Goodluck!

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5 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I played Marseille in a recent career and they've got a nice starting squad. You should easily reach a European spot with this team. Goodluck!

You're right! Thanks

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Welcome back! So I've just finished season 1, and I can't wait to share the results. I also have a couple transfers for this summer of season 2!

Season 1:



We did it! We met my goal which was to qualify for Europe and what do you know, we secure a spot in UCL playoff! Let's hope we can pass the playoffs!



As you already know, we were knocked out of the coupe de la Ligue, so the French cup was still remaining. Sadly, I was knocked out by Lille in the quarter finals. A dissapointig game that ended 2-0. A shame. This means we did not get any trophies this season!



Our Italian striker managed to get top scorer of Ligue 1 for his first season with us! In front of a world class striker like, Cavani, wow!



Player records! Our top goal scorer was Gignac, scoring 21 goals and Forestieri right behind him. Our young and shining talent, Sanson, had the highest assists with 11. Highest average rating went to our RB Hubocan.






Le classique didn't go well. It was a home game at the stade vélodrome. Guedes opened the scoring with an early goal in the 6th minute, which caused unrest for us the whole game. We came back later in the 21st minute when Gignac scored. Moments later, Lucas Moura shut us down with a goal that won them the game. Payet was sent off in the 50th, which didn't help us at all. 


Season 2

Our first season with Les Olympiens went well! Even though we didn't win any trophies, we still had an incredible run in the league, and managed to reach the play offs of the champions league! I'm happy that Marseille are back in champions league football! Like they used to be! My goal for season 2 is to pick up silverware. I want at least one trophy. Let's get started!


Summer Transfers:


Players out:


Okay, let's talk about this. Doria was an extremely hot prospect for us, and I was really interested in selling him because we needed the money. We were getting offers left and right. Chelsea and Arsenal were in a bidding frenzy for Doria, where Chelsea ended up winners with an agreement of €50,000,000! I was excited to receive that money, but of course, it went downhill. Doria was not granted a work permit in England once again! Later on, Lyon and Hamburg came into the race for Doria. Hamburg ended up winning the race for him on a transfer of €29.5M. I wasn't gonna sell him to another Ligue 1 club anyways. Sparagna wanted to leave to a "bigger club" so Lille came running in for him, and we sold him for €3.6M. This money was going to help us become a better team.


Players in:


Yes, I know I didn't spend as much as you probably thought I would. So let's talk about these players.



Ok so we were in dire need of another RB to rotate with Sakai. I saw this Brazilian that was interested in joining the club. I enquired to santos about him, and he was labeled as a fringe player. I decided to place a €2.1M bid to see if I could get him cheap, and I did. His dribbling, crossing, and pace, will contribute so much for us this season.



I was shocked to see this guy with no contract! Jonathan Bamba is a promising youngster in real life, so I assumed he would be a promising youngster in the game. His stats are decent for a 21 year old. He will become a very important player for us in the future! I'm glad I was able to get him for free!


I have lots of money left over, but I don't need to use it as of now. We had several good players on loan who came back and are ready and capable of playing for first team. Like Lucas Ocampos.


First playoff match:



Our first playoff match is against Portuguese side, FC porto! I know that this club is a very strong one and is capable of doing lots of things. I must be ready for the matchday against them, as I am hungry to play champions league football with Marseille.


Thats it for this update! I hope you guys are enjoying this so far, because I am! 


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That's how a first season should be! It's all about getting into any Euro spot and squad preparations for the seasons to come. Well done!

Second season, it's all about that game vs Porto now. Already your game of the season ;)

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

That's how a first season should be! It's all about getting into any Euro spot and squad preparations for the seasons to come. Well done!

Second season, it's all about that game vs Porto now. Already your game of the season ;)

Yeah! It's gonna be a tough game!

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4 hours ago, Nufz said:

Yeah! It's gonna be a tough game!

Not for Jonathan Bamba and co!

Great start mate, looking good for season 2

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1 hour ago, Taff said:

Great first season dude and some promising talent brought in let's see how season 2 unfolds 


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3 hours ago, mcandrew003 said:

Excellent career mate, just caught up and it's been a pleasant read! 

Glad you're enjoying it!

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A great first season there mate,and your transfers for season 2 looks very interesting, Bamba is a really good prospect,banging it in my long term Liverpool save,so getting him for free was a really good move.Hopefully you get into the CL group stages.

Good luck.


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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long wait. I was busy with school, but none the less, here's a nice update :)





So far we are doing normal in the league. I would like to be in the top 4 but there's still more time. Not sure how Saint etteine are above us.



Oh my word! The first leg of the UCL playoff against Porto! The match that all of marseille have been waiting for! We played absolutely amazing! It was a great team performance, scoring 4 away goals against Porto is NOT easy, so doing so is wonderful. How did we do in the second leg?



An intense match! We made it to the UCL! I'm so proud! (7-5)! Now on to an even harder task, the group stages!



My oh my! What a challenging group! Two super clubs who have won the UCL in the past... What's going to happen?



Some how, we were able to get 3 crucial points against Atletico! Bamba, thank you!



Shockingly, we finished second in our group, and were able to move on to the knockouts. We disappointed the giants Atletico, as they won't be seeing champions league football this season. Never did I think I could get this far.



Here's the stats. We are 5th in Ligue 1, 10th round of the french cup and in the knockouts of UCL. We also reached the Coupe De La Ligue final, I am eager to grab a trophy for Marseille.



Our first knockout game is against the Italian giants Juventus. A tough and testing match for us. We will see in the next update ;)



The final is against Bordeaux. I expect a win.



During the group stages we were beaten Bayern which ended our 17 game unbeaten run! Insane!



January transfers:



I don't really need anybody as of now, but I decided to bring in a young striker who can become a starter (maybe) and eventually replace Gignac, who is currently 32 years of age.

I found this 21 year old, Putaro, playing for Wolfsburg II. He wanted to move to a bigger club. I wanted to see how he will do so I decide to bring him in on loan paying all of his wages (100%) and with a buy out clause of €10M. If he turns out to be any good. I will activate it, and he will become an official player of Marseille :)


Le classique:



Le classique didn't go too well for us as we ended up losing once again to Paris. Cavani opened up the scoring early on while their new signing Depay scored in the 32nd minute. Back from AC Milan on loan, Lucas ocampos scored quickly after in the 38th. Marquinhos put one in, in the 74th minute, which ended Le classique.


Again guys I'm sorry for the late update! Hopefully you guys are still following this (the 5 or 6 of you) <3  

Hope you enjoyed this one and I'll be back soon with season 2 completed! Can we win the UCL? Let me know!

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Out of interest what sort of training was Doria on? From my experience he normally gets 10+ in dribbling, passing and shooting which is great for a CB, so I was surprised to see such poor technicals.

This save is looking quite interesting btw.

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7 minutes ago, Fish18ish said:

Out of interest what sort of training was Doria on? From my experience he normally gets 10+ in dribbling, passing and shooting which is great for a CB, so I was surprised to see such poor technicals.

This save is looking quite interesting btw.

Thank you! I left doria on the default training!

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Hey guys here's an update!





Here's our final position! 4th place. Not as good as last season. We will be moving to Europa league, a new adventure for us!



Champion league! The first knockout round against Juventus was an absolutely intense shocking game. One of the most intense I've played in my history of FM. Forestieiri opened the scoring in the 17th minute which made me and the fans of Marseille happy! Dybala and Bonucci decided to sadden us with 3 goals! We were losing 1-3! In the 68th minute, Forestieri came back and scored! 3-2! But in the end, we were going to lose. I gave up. But somehow, in the 96th minute we were awarded a penalty!! Scenes!! I was so shocked! Çabella was up for it, and he missed, but luckily came back up and put it in the back of the next to send us to the second leg with a chance.



The second leg, was an absolute disaster. Dybala has single handily beat Marseille 3-0. Just look. Sad way to go out in the UCL. We clearly aren't ready.



To add to our CL exit, we were also knocked out of the french cup from Monaco in a 4-0 trashing...



Even though we were knocked out of UCL, french cup, and finished 4th in the league. We actually got our first trophy with Marseille after an exciting game between Marseille and Bordeaux. Bordeaux scored first, which really made me think that we are going to yet suffer being knocked out, but Ocampos scored in the 66th minute, and gignac gave us the win in the 80th! Great game! Our first trophy!







Alright guys so im gonna use this "Statistics" to talk about my players, and players who I've signed and how they've done after one season.


Our top scorer this season was yet again Gignac. Although, Gignac is getting pretty old (33) and I'm looking for a replacement. This probably is his last good season. Sanson was a key player for us for the past 2 seasons and is World class! He got the best average rating with 7.36! Payet was able to achieve the most assists (9).


Bought players stats:


The RB we bought for €2.1M is playing way better than his price tag. He has become our starting RB with 50 games played on his debut season. He manages to scored 3 times and get 6 assists! Good season for him!




The youngster, Bamba, that we found for free is an absolute monster! What a bargain for free! 34 games and 10 goals + 9 assists, very very good on his first season with us! He is a first team player and you can see his change in stats from before and after! He will become so good for us!


I'm not sure if you guys remember but I loaned a young kid from Wolfsburg with a buyout of €10M, if you don't hes up at season 2 transfers. I decided not to buy him and send him back to Wolfsburg, he had a poor season with only 6 goals scored!


Le classique:



Another dissapointing Le classique! 2-2 after a dumb match. Sertic owned the game for us (our defensive midfielder)



Welcome to the start of season 3! We've come a long way! Thanks for sticking with me!


Season 3 transfers:




NOT sure why this kid is on the transfers for FREE. Yes guys. Free. He had 25 assists in 31 games with Bayern youth! So why not bring him to France to play for us.



Say hello to our new LB Tagliafico! I payed €8M for this guy to help us at the left.



Brought in this very good Center back for free! Welcome!



Now say hello to the main man, Haller. I brought this french beast to replace Gignac, and I think he's the perfect replacement for €15M. Let's hope he's a good replacement :) 


Since I had €45M I kinda went off with it ??


Thanks guys for keeping up with this! Until next time!

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Still going solid. Shame about the CL but as you say, when the team isn't ready they're simply not ready, EL is still a very good learning experience for the squad.

Sanson is indeed topclass. He's actually a squadplayer in my current save ;)

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Those look like smart signings, this season should be exciting. Very realistic transfer business too, nice to see realism is on your agenda. I've used Haller briefly and he scored such a range of goals, should out do Gignac's total of 23 from last season with ease. Looking forward to the next update :D

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