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Help Squad atmosphere


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The board has handed me my monthly report card and raised their concern about the "negative atmosphere emanating from the squad". It turns out it is because the jerk managing my B team keeps yelling at my youngsters for playing badly and 80% of my B team feel they have been treated unfairly.

Other than offering new contracts to them (I don't want to as they're not promising and I want them to leave after contract expires), are there any way I can improve the atmosphere of my B team?


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In my experience when they say they feel like they have been treated unfairly it's because they've been transfer listed. Otherwise it's because they feel like they should be in the first team.

if they are not good enough for the first team and never will be then release them. If you don't want to pay the release fee then offer them to clubs for free, I don't think there's any other way to improve the atmosphere apart from getting rid of the miserable ones. 

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If you've been trying to sell them then it's you they have the problem with, I had this with PSG and I just sold most of them at low prices or promoted the good ones to the first team.

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There's nothing more clear cut than dealing with unhappy players who have no value to the club, make them disappear. Sold for free, out on loan, released or found dead by a river bank. Yeah anything will do.

Unhappy players who are slightly useful can be used to pad out the squad for some depth. Keep them around for a year, see if some game time makes them happy. Even pretty average players can look moderately decent in a solid club if they are happy with limited game time, so I inflate their value and send them on their way for profit the first chance I get.

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