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Tactics Jambo Dave 352 (EME) - FMM17


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Original Tactic:

The formation is 3-5-2 - This i have kept

Emphasis - Normal - I have set the mentality to Balanced.

Passing - Short - I have set the passing to Short

Tackling - Normal - The tackling is set to Normal

Pressing - Yes - The team is set to pressing

Offside trap - No - The team does not play offside trap

Counter Attack - No - The team does not Counter Attack

Men Behind the Ball - No - The team does not play with men behind the ball

I also don't play with a playmaker. - This is tricky and unless i made the CM a INF i needed to have a APM.

Player instructions

Passing - All set to team - No way of changing on FMM 17

Tackling all set to team except 3 centre midfielders who are set to HARD. - Again tricky and could not keep this completely so just added BWMs as the other CMs

Pressing all set to yes except the back 3 defenders and the goalkeeper. - Again tricky to actually implement on FMM 17

Pass to - Everyone set to R/L/C - Tactics set to mixed passing

Set pieces - haven't changed

Free role - Both wide player (ML and MR) set to yes and everyone else No. -These are set to WM so they have the free role of attacking and defending

Forward runs all no except wide men and the middle man of the 3 central midfielders and one of the strikers - So here the WM will be attacking as well with forward runs and so will the APM & AF which stays true to the instructions

Run with ball - All no except wide men, middle of the 3 central midfielders and one of the strikers - Again, the APM and AF should make forward runs with the ball. 

Hold up ball - All set to NO - Hard to action on FMM 17

Long Shots - All set to No except all 3 central midfielders and the striker who is set to run with ball. - Very tricky to implement with all 3x CMs so figured the APM will get forward and in position for long shots and obviously so will the AF. If we are dominating, hopefully the BWMs might get forward and try some.

Through Balls - All set to NO - No way of setting this

Cross Ball - All set to NO - No way of setting this and the WM in attacking might cross the ball.

Marking - Similar to NTFC, all set to man marking except goalkeeper, the middle of the 3 defenders and the middle of the 3 midfielders. - This was again hard to figure out on FMM 17 but basically changed the GK to SK to make him a bit more Zonal and BPD for the middle defender and obviously APM for the middle midfielder.


I have played FMH since its beginning and remember on the earlier games this tactic being used. Although it was too easy at times and you would end up with a 70% win rate. It was a really good tactic and just wanted to check if in some form for FMM 17, the essence could be re-assembled.

I have not yet done a full season or have any substantial results with this tactic. I have however just played my first game with it as seen below and looked pretty good.

Hopefully this is a teaser for you to try it and test it and enjoy it ?







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