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Career The Red Bullseye - Johannes Eggestein 1KC 1.1

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Johannes Eggestein Road to 1K+ Goals

Season XIV

Surprisingly, there is no significant drop in his attributes.


Another surprise is, he still hit 100+ goals more! It won't last long but enjoy while it lasts!

Johannes Eggestein

Appearances: 694 Matches

Goals: 1200 Goals

Thanks for reading!

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Just now, Taff said:

Still banging in 100+ goals at 32, we need to have a serious discussion about tactics dude, because you clearly have this sussed ;)


Thanks! It wasn't really about the tactic, it's about the players who play it! 

In the first half of the season, he still a Complete Forward so I use 4-3-2-1 with wingers and the next half of the season, I try something new with playing an AP Wide in the formation, works great so far!

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