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Career Yellow Submarine ~Youth Movement~


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Well I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by doing my first career on here and first time trying the Spanish League. I chose Villarreal as my team since they never won LaLiga, have decent facilities, active reserve team , solid budget and haven't won any major European silverware Champions/Europa Leagues..Be patient with me and have some mercy with this being first career .. ?

Goals etc will be what board sets first but overall I would like to challenge for top 3 spots , continuously make Euro Competition, and turnover the squad with a youth movement for the first few years. Once the youth players are acquired and begin to shine I would want to win Copa Del Ray, Euro Cup, European champions league and LaLiga before I'm done. 



Villarreal Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. (ValencianVila-real Club de Futbol, S.A.D.), usually abbreviated to Villarreal CF or just Villarreal, is a Spanish football club based in Vila-real, a city in the province of Castellón within the Valencian Community. Founded in 1923, it plays in La Liga, holding home games at Estadio de la Cerámica, with a capacity of 24,890.



"American Chester Riddick Suprise Appointment at Villarreal"


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⚽️⚽️Chester Riddick Introduced ⚽️⚽️

"-Thank you for coming out to support your new manager. I know most of you don't know much about me so I would like to share my vision for the future of Villarreal FC.. 

-I like to play a high tempo game using a combination of pressure and counter attacking. My players have to be fit and have pace to play in my system. I will be varying the formation depending on the talent on the squad and what roles they can fill, I will probably start out with a (4-3-2-1) formation and go from there. Players who don't fit my system or have not been performing will be gone as I don't stand for complacency or laziness in my squads. This also means anyone on the current roster will be at risk of being loaned, sold or even outright released. 

-I know this is Spain and there is a deep seeded pride in filling squads with homegrown Spanish players but it's time to end that trend in today's world. There is talent to be found in many countries so I will find and use the best players regardless if they are Spanish or not. You can already see this in my staff as my coaches come from Holland, Belgium and England.. The Physio staff is from Scotland and Italy so the staff is diverse but don't worry the scouts are still Spanish...

-When I was hired the ownership promised to back my vision with decent transfer/wage funds plus they support my plan to overhaul the team and begin a youth movement . We will not go all out and finish bottom of the table to rebuild I plan to do it on the fly as we remain competitive aiming for a European spot every season but we just might not be as strong as our opponents for a couple years. I'm sick of Ath.Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid , and Sevilla winning the league , Europe and Copa Del Ray for the last 5-6 years. We tried using older more expensive players but now it's time to change and use the same money to buy young talent that would be ready to challenge those clubs within 3 years for honors. We will also sprinkle in some veteran presence as we need leaders to show the younger players the ropes .. It's time for the Yellow Submarine to rise in a couple years and sit on top where we belong !!!"

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11 hours ago, Fish18ish said:

I'm intrigued, I like your efforts to build context too. Best of luck!


23 hours ago, Risheek said:

Interesting! Will be following! Good luck!


On 9/2/2017 at 01:21, BatiGoal said:

Looking very promising. Goodluck :)


Thx for the support should have an update soon ... ?

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Anyone play Spanish League a ton and can answer questions about B Team????

- Do the B players count vs Transfer/Wage budget?

- Does the B Team manager list, loan, sell players on his own? I got this message about a player I don't remember Listing and I rejected offers but then msg I had no chance to reply as B manager answered without me.. 


Then I checked player and he was listed and had bad morale red bar saying he clashes with B manager not me. 


-How do you handle morale with B team if manager clashes with them not my fault ??

-Is there a minimum number of players under contract on the B team? Will i have to manage almost two teams ??? Or will CPU sign/create fake gray names to fill out squad?

-If the B team gets relegated does that mean no more fixtures and it reverts to a normal second team like in English Leagues????


thx for any help ... I'm doing ok so far going a bit slower than I thought as gotta manage a bunch more players and gotta get used to this team/players as I hardly know them.. 


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I have had to deal with B teams countless times but never bothered by what and how tbh. I mainly use it as a storage for young talents who need a bit of gametime. Or talents I'm unsure of if they'll ever make it onto the big stage.

Selling them does go into your transfer budget. Ime half the team gets placed on the loan list at the start of every season (by the AI manager) so you'll have to go thru each of them to set to your preference. There's no min. amount of players you need to have afaik I often end up having only a handful of them -talents- and the rest greyed nobodies. Not sure about your other questions.

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9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I have had to deal with B teams countless times but never bothered by what and how tbh. I mainly use it as a storage for young talents who need a bit of gametime. Or talents I'm unsure of if they'll ever make it onto the big stage.

Selling them does go into your transfer budget. Ime half the team gets placed on the loan list at the start of every season (by the AI manager) so you'll have to go thru each of them to set to your preference. There's no min. amount of players you need to have afaik I often end up having only a handful of them -talents- and the rest greyed nobodies. Not sure about your other questions.

Ok that will help going foward as other leagues B team never gave players games/stats so it's nice to know players will get game time there. Thx for help .. 

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Transfer /Roster Quick Update:

Summer Year 1 



Lafont, Berisha, Buitink and Paterson are great young prospects to get the rebuild going here . Lafont will be demoted to the B team to get matches and Buitink has been loaned back to Vitesse to get gametime.. Paterson and Berisha made the senior team and hopefully they can contribute.. Rest were young free agents that added depth or took a chance on becoming good players. Menendez and Haruna will be on Senior squad for depth and Djenepo has potential but is only 17 so he will join the B squad.




B Team:



Rest of World Top Deals:






Final Rosters :

Senior Team:






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23 hours ago, Fish18ish said:

Looks like some shrewd transfer business, good luck!

I actually tried to make a bit profit but it came up short so basically same budget started with. Gonna be tough looking at those moves by Barca and the 2x Madrids ? 

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Season started off with European competition in the Champions Cup Playoff vs POAK from Greece .  I was a bit nervous having the playoff as first competitive matches with my new squad...

But we did it !



(3-0) Agg win onto the group stage.




Group Draw :


Not a group of death thank god for that. Looks promising besides PSG to go for 2nd place and advance .. Luck of the draw so far..

First game :


Closer than I hoped and Bakambu had goal disallowed for offsides but I will take the W and 3 points anyway we can get it ..

Off we go into the season as LaLiga has also started and we have won 1 and drew 1 with the dreaded last minute tying goal vs us ... Just doing quick small updates try to keep people interested otherwise might be weeek to finish season n no updates in between .


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On 9/7/2017 at 13:23, BatiGoal said:

Looks like a pretty good group, should definitely be able to progress to the next CL round. Goodluck!

Yeah PSG should be #1 just gotta not lose by a lot and then it's us and Besiktas but I think we should go thru unless big injury/suspension..

On 9/7/2017 at 14:58, Fish18ish said:

Good idea to do short and regular updates, it's way to easy for careers to die on here otherwise.

Yeah it's hard at times to keep em interested as too short season takes forever or too big and kinda breeeze by any drama/excitement of season. 

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Just a quick notice I live in Florida USA and in about a day or two will get hit by Hurricane Irma so I have no idea when or if I can update after the next one which I'll try to get up b4 storm comes.. thx 

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2 hours ago, DIRECTFX said:

Just a quick notice I live in Florida USA and in about a day or two will get hit by Hurricane Irma so I have no idea when or if I can update after the next one which I'll try to get up b4 storm comes.. thx 

Don't worry mate I think we'll let you off if the updates cease for a bit :D Stay safe.

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Here's Midway Update:


We are doing good advancing thru Europe to Knockout , won first round of Spanish Cup and 2nd place in LaLiga is quite a suprise . We are young and not stacked but somehow it's working. With the January Transfer windowabout to open we need to addresss some key weak areas. I will be looking for a starting caliber LB/WB , natural RAM , and depth at CM and CD . It's a lot of targets and don't know if $20 m transfer budget can get all of my targets.. We will also be scouring the leagues for young players who have expiring contracts that can be signed for free on a Bosman.. Let's see how it goes and hopefully we can finish strong and get some hardware ..

Senior Team:





Europe -Champions Cup







(next up Man City)



Spanish Cup:



(Next up vs Granada)


LaLiga :


Player Stats:






B team



















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8 hours ago, Taff said:

OH SHIT, just stay safe dude, and keep your head down

Will try to been pain trying put up storm shutters.. thx

6 hours ago, Fish18ish said:

Don't worry mate I think we'll let you off if the updates cease for a bit :D Stay safe.

Haha but I probably be so far ahead once power dies playing FMM til back on .. could be year 4-5 after storm over and internet back ?

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18 hours ago, DIRECTFX said:

Will try to been pain trying put up storm shutters.. thx

Haha but I probably be so far ahead once power dies playing FMM til back on .. could be year 4-5 after storm over and internet back ?

That's gonna be a mega update! If there's one thing FMM is good at its passing the time when you have no internet.

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Update End Year 1:

Well it was an unexpected run for my first year and it had surprises and disappointments but overall I think we exceeded expectations and are ahead of the timetable in our rebuild.


Only a few January transfers but we did bring in highest transfer of the year in ???from Olympic Marseille but he was within budget and a pact young talent that fit my plans. We did add more reinforcements for next season by signing some Bosman free transfers who should fill squad depth we were missing this year. We had many players for sale but only managed to sell to ??? 

As for overall squad needs we got our natural right AM but still need to find a starting LwB along with CD depth ... 















World Transfers:




Spanish Cup :


-tough way to go out on pks but wasn't expecting any hardware year 1 and if I remember correctly I was resting players for Europe and LaLiga but hopefully next year with more depth we can challenge for every competition.

Federation Cup (B):


- Quarter -Final exit in the B Cup don't have much control over but will try to up talent there to til they reach Second Division and can't be promoted anymore.




-one of the big shockers finishing out our first season with new system and players in second place. I couldn't believe we beat out R.Madrid, A.Madrid and Sevilla in the first year with mostly young squad .. Not surprising who won it Barca cruised with those other teams failing but it also shows we still have a huge gap to close to hope to catch them for LaLiga honors..


Second Division B3 (B):


-just missed out on promotion playoffs pretty good showing for B team not much I can control besides promotion/demotions and hope coach uses players right. Barcelona winning everything ?


Champions Cup-


-what a run we made all the way to the finals but again the joy was halted by Barcelona who are our biggest target to take down in the future as they blocked us from hardware in both LaLiga season and Europe. 



Player Stats:




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Start of Year 2:


Board Expectations:


Transfer Budget : $12m


Current Team: Start Year 2













New Players :



Players Return from Loan:


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Year 2 Youth Update 

"These are the top prospects that could make the first team this year or in the near future. I was very disappointed with T.Buitink loan with Vitesse as they only had him play 3 total games all year so he will stay with our  Academy/B team to develop with enough gametime. Lafont has a shot to make the A team as our backup GK as the position is up for grabs . A.Marin will also have a shot at the A team as our starting LB J.Angel has completed his loan and returned to his parent club. Rodri got a couple games last year with the A team but after some January loans he was sent down to B team for gametime. His chances will depend on how the transfer window goes as we have added some CM and the A team is pretty full so one or two players could be sold or leave to find playing time . 




Youth Academy Graduates  Yr 2:


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