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Tactics Pep Guardiola's Barcelona 2011 Tiki-Taka


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Evening All,

I hope this finds you all well,

To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager. 

So what are the positions?

  • SK- This represents Valdes who was an incredible goalkeeper both for his saving ability and his ability to create play/chances through passing out & being great with his feet.
  • WB & FB- This shows Abidal(more fb) and Alves(more wbk). Both liked to push forwards(alves going forward more) and all of Peps teams hold these players. A vital part of the team who need stamina to get up and down the pitch.
  • BPD- This represents Puyol & Pique and shows how the defence were not just tackling but holding the ball as well and often passing the ball out from the back.
  • BWM- This is Sergio Busquets role of being the anchor of the squad. He wins the ball back but does much more than that holding great technical skill to pass out of danger.
  • CM- This represents Xavi as someone who might track back to help get the ball but ultimatly controls the game and holds incredible tactical ability to pass the ball.
  • APM- This represents Iniesta who was the more attacking CM and who created and scored many goals
  • INF- These represent Pedro and Villa and emphasis how Pep gave the wingers great responsibilty to not only provide but cut inside to score goals
  • T- The closest to Messi's false nine and the position the game also give him is Trequartista. This works well with this player having a free role of drifting into space, passing in teammates & scoring with possible.

For these roles, I have chosen these tactics:

  • Balanced- Due to Barcelona not just being able play beautiful possession football but also knew how to win the ball back.
  • Short- Chosen because for the most part, Barcelona liked to play in triangles on the floor passing it short when possible to teammates.(esp busquets,xavi & iniesta)
  • Mixed- This is because the aim of tiki-taka is to keep the ball utilising the whole of the pitch.
  • Short- This was tricky but the main point here is that the goalkeeper aims to pass it short 'where possible' again to maintain control & possession.
  • Committed- This is because Barcelona did press hard in order to win the ball as high up the pitch as possible.
  • Pressing- As above, Pressing was a key part of Barcelona and the Tiki-Taka style
  • Offside trap- Chosen as the team wanted to win the ball as high up the pitch with the defence often pushing up.
  • Counter attacking- This might seem a strange choice but like all the best teams, esp passing teams like Arsenal and Barca, they catch teams when there weak and counter attack them utilising the space they have lost.
  • Men behind the ball- Because Barcelona did not press high up all of the team and you find that when they were not pressing high, they got back and cut down passing options, this was just as effective.

soo, there is my take on Tiki-Taka, I am sure other people will disagree or think theres changes and thats great too!

I have currently played one game with it(seen below with pictures and file with the match highlights) with unbelievable results and very relatable to Barcelona's unbelievable 2011 team with Possession/Chances/ Dominating Midfield/High Tacking rate etc.

I hope you have enjoyed this and feel free to leave any compliments, comments or complaints.











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Busquets definitely wasn't a BWM but I appreciate that there are limited roles in the game that don't really represent his style. I've never seen all the instructions used at once, how does it fare over more games?

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Agreed and i have to say the tactic is actually really good although no long term testings been done and i should say that for good quality keepers/defenders or teams, the short gk works a lot better. For lower teams, think mixed gk distribution is the way to go.


If any wants to test this, that would be great. I am playing with it now too.


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Hope this finds you all well!

Just played a Season in the french national league with 'Groupe Sportife Consolat' my tweaked tactics(above)..and got fantastic results.

I managed the team well with a lot of old players leaving as they didnt have the quality needed or due to unhappiness at being left out.

 I spent big but made 2/3m pounds profit from selling and rightly so...we won the league when the target was to finish mid table.

Tactic worked great, due to the quality of the league, sometimes passes back or from the GK were gifts for the opposition but for the most part our passing was sublime, tackling good and scored some great goals to boot.

This shows the tactic works IF you have the right players. 

Ill be continuing this journey and maybe experiment using better quality passing players and gk to see if we can move up to peps league in terms of possession.

In matches, i try and change little and depend on my coaches and players who i trust to get the job done. I only sub off when below 6 or below 70 condition at half time.







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47 minutes ago, Rokko81 said:

I had a question. What ist eme? And what is the other one? Please tell me ^^ i know its a game engine, but how did I find out which one I had?

EME is the enhanced match engine and OME is the original match engine. You can find out which one you're using under starting configuration in preferences.

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Thank you so much for your kind words @Altair86.

I was thinking of other managing opportunities and with it being the World Cup soon, decided to see how Scotland would progress playing the Tiki Taka style(again i modified it to be more accurate), which..in honesty, they probably dont have the right players for.

But, somehow we clawed and fought our way through the best of them - Portugal/Argentina/England and finally Brazil at the Luzniki - the video below shows how we got on. Hope you enjoy it!?




Edited by SSolas
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Updated Version:

Hope you are all doing well?

I love my tactics above but a bit like Pep, although i want to keep the principles the same of possession and high pressing, I am always adapting and thinking of new ways to maximise this.

Below i have provided images of an updated version of my tactic. As seen below, I have had huge success whilst maintaining the core principals. The main changes include mixed tackling and gk distribution. Mixed tackiling means that players tackle according to their strengths and do not get sent off as much. Short gk distribution was causing the keeper to feel too much pressure on passing short even in dangerous situations causing silly goals - Mixed gives the GK the option.DLP through research seems to be a role more suited to xavi at barcelona under Pep.

Please test and have fun with this! I love success but also want my teams to play attractive football!

I cant wait to test this on the new game!??






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wprks good for a season .....after that all teams play diamond,centre, defensive play......i end most matches conceding no shots but scoring just one(two if lucky)

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