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Career The Football Grandpa - Peter Hinds Challenge


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Hi, Vibers! This time, I complete the Peter Hinds Challenge by@samhardy once again.

On my last attempt, I didn't know that only league goals count and I want to try a new approach to the challenge.

The Club



Our Hinds is going to London! In team like Chelsea, I thought he's going to score a lot of goals










EPL Cup:



We lose to Liverpool in the semifinal. A bit disappointing, but I'm ok with it.

FA Cup



Hell, Courtois had a very bad day. We humiliated by Arsenal in the final. This is really embarrassing and if it happened IRL I probably already sacked.

English Premier League



Well, at least we won the league's title. This looks like a usual EPL Table but 3rd and 6th are swapped.


The Player

At the start of the game, he looks like this:


Decent stats! I noticed that he has different stats for different database too.

Now, let's look at him!


How much will he score in the league though?


Amazing season! His first half season is great as he scored a few braces. 23 in 30 goals is quality!


Not the top scorer in EPL though, Benteke beat him by 2 goals.

Peter Hinds in EPL

Appearances: 30 Matches

Goals: 23 Goals

Assists: 9 Assists

Average Rating: 8.00

That's my second attempt on the Peter Hinds Challenge! I hope you enjoy it, try it as well if you're interested!

Thanks for reading.

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Nice!!! Just imagine if I can persuade my 1KC guy to retire at 55yo. That's the full 3 decades of an FMM career, man 2000 goals here I come :D

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57 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Nice!!! Just imagine if I can persuade my 1KC guy to retire at 55yo. That's the full 3 decades of an FMM career, man 2000 goals here I come :D

Thanks! Getting them into 40 is already lucky 

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3 hours ago, Ftzhjiii said:

Nice result,bro! Could you tell me what role did Hinds play on this season?

Thanks! I played Hinds as a Poacher or sometimes Target Man

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