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Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

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1 hour ago, FuddledFox said:

Think your doing yourself down a bit there mate. A bunny dressed as a knight riding on a fire breathing dragon seems pretty original to me😂

More trippy than original :P 

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Another good solid season and steady progress towards 1K. Not sure why everyone is knocking you. Sometimes a slow and steady Sam is just what the world needs!


We can't all be Gandalf or Aragorn, now can we! :P

Actually, I'm following the 80% condition rule right now, as my striker gets tired out too much, but I'll let it go to 75% once he's older. As for goals, I'll leave him out there on the pitch even if he has the temerity to score 6 goals... I'll just pull him aside later and tell him not to be a show pony.

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