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Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results


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You know what it is! Welcome to all Vibers of any shape and size to the latest, newest Vibe Olympics! The tournament based on the real life Olympic Games has made a return to the forums of Vibe for one more turnout before the new game hits us. However, it's a lot different to how you remember it! Whether you are new or old, please take a minute to read through the rules and structure of the Vibe Olympics. 

The first Vibe Olympics: Vibe Olympics

What Are The Games?

What is this crazy competition we have created? Well, it will consist of 20 participants ( more if massive interest)who will battle it out over 6 different events to be crowned the Olympic Champion! These events have been premade by the 2 hosts, me and Robbrown172 and ready to launch when you guys are!

Who Can Join?

Anybody of any level is welcome to test theirselves in this competition, as long as you can meet the deadlines and be a good sport. Even if you have a career on here already, the challenges don't last long, as we will go onto in a moment. We would love to see a mix of players in here, wether you have been here for a few years or a few weeks, it doesn't matter to us!

What Is The Time Span/Challenge Lengths

Each event will last just 16 League Games to mark the 16 days of the Olympics. This isn't much time at all and can be played in 1 day if possible. As I said, there will be 6 events with a deadline of about 5-7 days, with th potential to go into a 3 day deadline later in the competition.

How To Sign Up

To sign up, simply comment which country you wish to represent from the table below. As soon as this is done, you will be added to a list of participants. Hopefully we fill all the spaces so we can have a good run at this! 

Before Moving On, Let's Take A Minute To Reflect On What Happened Just A Few Months Ago....

@Taff, the Welsh magician who has completed a vast array of challenges this year and went far in this year's installation of the Challenge Cup, won the competition by a fair bit after being glued to the podiums for EVERY SINGLE ROUND! So, he is the only name in our Hall Of Fame book so far, as you can see below....


Very prestigious, I know. Anyway, massive congrats to Taff but now it is time to see who the new Vibe Olympic Champion will be! 

Here are the rules for those who want to compete....


- No IGE

- Meet The Deadlines Set

- Be A Good Sport

- No Reloading

- Have Fun!

- EME Competition

Yes, after the previous voting you guys decided you'd like a EME Competition. Not a problem, I'll still be competing if time allows....

Here are the countries you have to pick from! Your country doesn't effect anything, just a way to recognose you.


Aswell as:

Italy, Russia and Cuba!

Yes, my graphics aren't great, just get used to it :laugh:

Anyway, I really hope you will sign up in order to participate in a fun, difficult and hard-fought competition which has a brand new difficult structure and challenges. Remember to sign up!

1. PriZe - Netherlands

2. Real_Random - Australia

3. Risheek - Brazil

4. Mr.Manager - Germany

5. AzmiG26 - Spain

6. Kun Aguero - South Korea

7. Cockers2505 - Britain

8. Auronjashanica - Canada

9. Damilare - Nigeria

10. Chewkaiwen - Japan

11. Salohcin - China

12. Taff (C) - New Zealand

13. Krenzar - USA

14. Lee3105 - Jamaica

15. Mcandrew003 - Hungary

16. Tlund1991 - Croatia

17. Harish - Italy

18. FuddledFoxFM - Cuba

19. PainfulBiscuits - France

20. Laurie_King - Russia



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WOW, what a tournout! Thank you all so much, already got 11 competitors. How do you all fancy your chances?

Remember, if there is more than 20 we can always expand :)

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1 minute ago, samhardy said:

I won't be entering, but will be watching on with considerable interest from my throne ;) Does it become the Paralympics considering @PriZe has entered?

Do you want it pinned? @mcandrew003 @Robbrown172

Yes Sam, well done :P Depends how he performs :laugh:

If possible that would be great mate. Thanks!

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1 minute ago, Taff said:

I have many skills 

  Reveal hidden contents

Sadly photo editing is not one of them

and neither is winning the CC before @PriZe or @samhardy get the joke in


Your profile picture :laugh:

Cant be helped. The champion has showed up late to the show :laugh:

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2 hours ago, mcandrew003 said:

Nope. However, there is a brand new, very tight structure. On that cue, I think it's likely best I share it? @PriZe

Smart! That way you can't fly out of the competition again in the quali... :P 

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