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Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results

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38 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

I have had 1 set of scores so far. Just a reminder you have 48 and a half hours to get your score submitted.

Just to check, they were my scores yes

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The Vibe Olympics V2


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the final of the second instalment of the Vibe Olympics.

If you need reminding of what our competitors had to do in the final round please check out the above post.


Our 4 competitors and the team and players they choose:

@PriZe – Freiburg - Mats Moller Daehli

@Mr.Manager – Freiburg – Mats Moller Daehli

@Taff – Hull – Markus Henrikson

@chewkaiwen – St Etienne -  Ole Kristan Selnaes

So let’s get straight into the results. I will reveal each category’s results individually and I will reveal the score in reverse order.


Goals win games but who scored the most and takes an early lead. Remember 1 goal = 1 point

Taff : 7 Goals

Mr Manager: 8 Goals

Chewkaiwan: 9 Goals

Prize: 10 Goals

So it’s a slow start for the defending champion as he is already 3 points behind the leader Prize. Good solid scores by Mr Manager and Chewkaiwan mean they are well in this final.


All 3 players you could choose from are known for their creative ability so this is an important catergory.

Mr Manager: 7 Assists

Chewkaiwan: 12 Assists

Prize: 15 Assists

Taff: 16 Assists

So Taff comes roaring back into the final with a huge 16 assists and makes back a point on Prize. Chewkaiwan posted a solid score which still leaves him in the hunt but Mr Manager has a lot of work to do now.

The Scores so far.

Mr Manager: 15 points

Chewkaiwan: 21 points

Taff: 23 points

Prize: 25 points


You needed your chosen player to be the heartbeat of the team and to reflect this I wanted to see a huge average rating.

Chewkaiwan: 8.05

Mr Manager: 8.06

Taff: 8.25

Prize: 8.52

The Scores so far.

Mr Manager: 23.06 points

Chewkaiwan: 29.05 points

Taff: 31.25 points

Prize: 33.52 points


Very strong AvR from all the players there. Going into the final round it looks like it is between Prize and defending champion Taff although Chewkaiwan isn’t far behind and will look to capitalise on any slip ups.

Yellow and Red Cards

This round was to reflect the law abiding nature of Norwegian culture. We didn’t have any red cards so we are just looking at bookings which lose 1 point per yellow.

It all comes down to this.

Mr Manager: 1 yellow

Chewkaiwan: 1 yellow

Taff: No yellows

So it all comes down to how many yellows Prize got. More than 2 and he has blown the lead and Taff will retain his title.

 Image result for drum roll gif


Prize: 1 yellow


Prize.png.f9d03aed7f95b1f6ac8754fc0bb66f1c.png The gun toting Panda is our new Vibe Olympic champion

The Final Scores

Mr.Manager: 22.06

Chewkaiwan: 28.05

Taff: 31.25


Huge congratulations to Prize for getting the gold. A very close finish in the end between the 2 pre-final favourites but it’s the Dutchman who takes the gold ahead of defending champion Taff.  A very strong performance from Chewkaiwan takes the bronze medal and Mr Manager can feel proud of his performance. Getting to the final of your first ever Vibe community event is a great achievement, some of us didn’t get past the first round :'(.

Medal Ceremony




So what a great way to bring the year to a close and there is sure to be more games like this to come during FMM18.

I want to thank @mcandrew003 for starting this and then letting me take over when his schedule got too busy. All the semi-final and final competitors who got your scores to me on time and of course everyone who took part from the beginning right through to the final. You all made this a great event.

Thank you for reading

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Oh Dammit, well a silver medal is still good going but we’ll done @PriZe the better furry won and it was a very close run thing but you are now an FMM 17 CC winner and Olympic Champ

congrats as well to @chewkaiwen for a great fight coming from nowhere to grab the bronze and unlucky to @Mr.Manager again doing great things in your rookie year on vibe

a massive thanks and shout to @mcandrew003 for starting the tournament but a very big thank you to @FuddledFox for taking the reigns and rescuing the tournament.

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Congrats @PriZe gold medal is an amazing achievement, also a big congrats for you other guys for getting so far, @Taff, @chewkaiwen and @Mr.Manager an excellent attempt by you all.

Again another proof of why this is the best Forum to be part of, @FuddledFox and @mcandrew003 hats off for you to organise, take time out to sort each round, scores and winners, well done guys for sorting this, a massive pat on the back (y)

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Well done to everyone who took part and also good luck to everyone in FMM 18. Hopefully I'll actually be good at that game. :unamused:

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Congrats @PriZe. You're definitely one of the guys to beat next year. I hope I get my chance ;)

Very good effort from the other finalists but unfortunately not enough on the day. 

@FuddledFox. Massive thanks for taking over, mate. A great example of what Vibe is all about (y)

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Massive congratulations to @PriZe , what a season you've had! 

Unlucky @Taff, that was a superb effort and you came so close to retaining your crown. A brilliant showing from@chewkaiwen too.

I'm not surprised my numbers weren't good enough for a podium but still really pleased to have made it to the final.

Cheers @FuddledFox and @mcandrew003for bringing back this great tournament. Top stuff all round.

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1 hour ago, FuddledFox said:

Would like to if I can come up with any ideas.

I can help with that if you want. 


Damn your plan is working....


added 0 minutes later
1 hour ago, samhardy said:

Congrats @PriZe! I'm awaiting our unification battle :O

Great results post @FuddledFox hopefully we see you hosting more of these types of tournaments in the future!

Don't you worry, already agreed to a H2H with you ;) 

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41 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Sounds like a plan😃

  Reveal hidden contents



As long as i get paid for content ;) i'm ok with it :P :laugh:


Never thought i would become staff again :O


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