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9 minutes ago, Damilare said:

@mcandrew003 why have you not calculated my score since I submitted 13 hours ago??

I wanted to wait until the deadline to see the scores, would make it more exciting. I'm checking them all soon.

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It's update time....


Hello Vibers and welcome to the second round update of the Vibe Olympics! An immense round which saw every single participant enter means we have a big and exciting update to bring to your screens for today! So, strap in, grab a coffee and a cream cake and get ready for a tight, tight battle!

Player Selection

So, with three very different options on the table for participants to use, let's have a brief overview of who used who! 

Raul Rusescu


In what you could consider a strange option, Raul Rusescu, plying his trade for Osmalispor, was a fairly well used option to my own suprise. We saw former Olympic Champion @Taff select the striker, whilst big-hitter @AzmiG26 also picked him. Finally, we had Group B heavyweight @chewkaiwen choose Raul in hope he would live up to his namesake, Raúl of Madrid.

Florin Andone


Now, after launching the list of names we could use in this challenge, I expected to see the majority of people's go for Jimenez, so to see a few people going for the Romanian sensation Andone was great! We saw host @mcandrew003 putting his faith in the Romanian, alongside other members like @Lee3105, fellow Romanian @PainfulBiscuits

Raul Jimenez


Well, everybody else!

Group Results

Right, let's not keep you waiting. This round was extremely tight, with each and every player battling hard to achieve a high total and progress to the third round. This makes it even tighter, and THEN we have the added points depending on what medal you received after round 1. Woah! Anyway, let's go onto the group results! 

Group A

1. Taff - New Zealand - 177 Points

The champion progresses! A massive score means New Zealand progress to the third round. 

2. Kun Aguero - South Korea - 129 Points

The man who just escaped his group in Round 1 comes back and destroy the challenge to claim a Silver Medal. 

3. Salohcin - China - 10 Points

Oh no! After a fairly steady Round 1, China are knocked out after failing to hit the target. Unlucky and thanks for playing! 

Group B

1. Chewkaiwen - Japan - 164 Points

A second gold medal, and absoloutley destroying the challenge AGAIN means @chewkaiwen can be confident for Round 3.

2. Auronjashanica - Canada - 155 Points

These two just keep hitting high scores! A second silver medal and a second time behind Chewkaiwen, will this spur Canada on to a huge performance in Round 3?

3Mcandrew003 - Hungary - 14 Points

A scandal! Match fixing! No, just a poor performance. Hungary crash out early as the hosts to the Vibe Olympics, and are sure to feel embarrassed about it. Maybe. 

Group C

1. PriZe - Netherlands - 175 Points

The CC veteran finally shows his colours! A shaky round 1 left us wondering if the old-timer had it left in his boots, but he bursts out the blocks and states his ambitions to win this title! 

2. AzmiG26 - Spain - 147 Points

Another stunning performance from Spain means they claim a Silver medal. With two huge scores under their belts, will they spring a huge suprise in Round 3?

3. Damilare - Nigeria - 121 Points

Group of death indeed! Despite a massive score that would actually see him pass through comfortably in any other group, CC suprise package @Damilare is knocked out! Unlucky! 

Group D

1. Mr.Manager - Germany - 125 Points

A large score from everybody's favourite career poster dispels any worries of nerves after a shaky first round, and now he seems to be out for blood! 

2. Real_Random - Australia - 109 Points

A gold and a silver medal for last time's runner up, who will now be looking to fight to the death and claim the Olympic crown! 

3. PainfulBiscuits - France - 12 Points

Another third place finish for France isn't enough as they are eliminated after failing to hit the target. Very unlucky and thanks for coming! 

4. Lee3105 - Jamaica - 7 Points

A group of 4 was always going to be tough, but being sacked made it even harder for Lee! Unlucky and thanks a lot. 

So, there we go! A incredible round of extremely tight gro.... 

*What was that? We are drawing the groups now? Why did nobody tell me?*

Hold on folks, as we have an unexpected twist. That twist is, in fact, the Round 3 Draw! This is a Quarter Final - style draw which will see 1st take on 2nd and so forth. Onto the draw! 

Quarter Final Draw....

QF 1:

Taff - New Zealand      VS     Auronjashanica - Canada


QF 2:

Chewkaiwen - Japan     VS    Kun Aguero - South Korea


QF 3:

PriZe - Netherlands     VS     Real_Random - Australia 


QF 4:

Mr.Manager - Germany     VS    AzmiG26 - Spain


Wow! Some tasty ties in there for sure! I'll let you reflect on that information before announcing the challenge. Thanks for reading and sorry for they delay!



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2 minutes ago, samhardy said:

I didn't have a cream cake so had to settle for a croissant and still worked quite well when reading the update. Would recommend.

Interesting results! Finally woke up @PriZe :laugh:

Not sure why cream cake came to my head to be honest, but hey. We're all different I suppose :laugh:

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Good luck to the rest of the competitors! Just like in real life, China (aka me), has been knocked out very early on in the tournament (referring to the WC 2018). Just a prediction of mine, I'm guessing @Taff @chewkaiwen @PriZe and @AzmiG26 will move on to the semis! No offence to the rest of you though. Am expecting a really really tight contest in the quarters so pls don't disappoint!

And of course, great job by @mcandrew003 for this update! Thanks for having me!

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Very pleased with the results and Rusescu really surprised me, netting fairly constantly

Looking forward to taking on @auronjashanica in the QF as he has shown some great skill getting some huge scores over the last two rounds and I am genuinely worried about my chances of defending my Olympic title 

@PriZe vs @Real_Random is another heavyweight bout that is sure to bring blood sweat and tears (for Prize at least)

@Kun Aguero had a much better round, but needs to be very cautious as our second surprise challenger @chewkaiwen has proven over the last two rounds he is not to be under estimated 

And then @Mr.Manager vs @AzmiG26 could prove the surprise battle, with Azmi coming fresh off his successful 1K attempt, but Mr. Manager has proven his skills over the course of the year and I'm tipping this to be the fight to watch

Unlucky to all the others who failed to make it through (@mcandrew003 what happened dude lol) 

Looking forward to some great QF games


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:Dwhat!!!!!!! lost to a dutch once again....I owe them a gift, I would manage a Dutch team to round up my fmm 17 career and the dutch team would be given by @PriZe and @BatiGoal ...... Nevertheless, Congrats to all those who qualified to the quarter final, all the best.....

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On 11-10-2017 at 22:18, Real_Random said:

What a draw, being put up against a former CC winner is going to be tough. I'm ready for a challenge @PriZe. Good luck to everyone though

Let the best manager win :)


On 12-10-2017 at 04:54, AzmiG26 said:

Can't wait! ;)

Great results everybody! @PriZe Vs @Real_Random is would be amazing to see!

Fight of the century :laugh:

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You know what? What's the point in keeping you all waiting....

Vibe Olympics - Round 3

And we. Are. Back! Who's ready for a tight Quarter Final?


So, welcome to the newest challenge! A bit of a experimental one, so I'm sorry if it seems too easy/simple. Anyway, let's commence!

Not an Olympic sport but I've had a new idea that could work for it. 

Take any of the following teams:
Atletico Madrid
AC Milan

You must play 12 games to account for the 12 rounds in boxing. Each game is one round. You either win, draw or lose a round, and your goal difference is your points. A round win (League Win) is worth 5 points, a draw is 3 and loss is 0. Your points (GD) will also be added to your score. However, your best boxer (highest AVR) will have an influence also, as the average rating that player has will also be added. So we could end up with some decimal scores ;)



Pick from any of the listed players above to use in your attempt at the challenge. 

PM me your final results

All rules from before


NO transfers

Are you confident? Worried? Confused? Let us know what you think of our third winter event, and thanks for all signing up! 

Please PM ME your results, which are to be in by....

Sunday 21st October  - 18.00 UK Time

What do we think? Make sure to leave a comment!


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Great challenge! Should be easy, but doesn't that mean if your player plays one match and gets 10.00 (and never play again) he would get a perfect avr.

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6 minutes ago, AzmiG26 said:

Great challenge! Should be easy, but doesn't that mean if your player plays one match and gets 10.00 (and never play again) he would get a perfect avr.

Player must play at least 10 times for it to count ;)

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