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Chat FM CUP???


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Hi, I have a save in fm17 and I saw that one of the teams has a friendly game in the 'fm cup' anyone has this and what is it :O  how can I participate in it


Also, I saw this bug happening, when Marquinhos transferred to Man U, his name is still displayed in the top 50 list for Ligue 1 players



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I've been in the FM cup once, but I didn't know how I got into it, I was just scheduled into it. I have a feeling I was in the lower leagues, but can't even remember that now. I assume it is just a preseason tournament...


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I think one of the lower league teams has FM as their main shirt sponsor so might have something to do with that team if u happen to play em in preseason

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12 minutes ago, AleZacQue said:

I see that makes so much sense, Watford is sponsored by fm if I am not wrong. 

Correct, I played this FM Cup managing Watford.

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Hmm, I wasn't managing Watford when I was in it, that's for sure...

Wait a minute... It must have been when I was managing AFC Wimbledon. From their sponsor page:


Sports Interactive has been AFC Wimbledon's shirt sponsor since the very beginning, coming on board within days of the club's formation. Sports Interactive - or 'SI' as it's more commonly known - is a game development studio based in London's Old Street which produces the world famous Football Manager games (available in PC, Macintosh and smartphone versions).

So it must be a pre-season friendly tournament for teams sponsored by SIGames...

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