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Challenges El Desafío Real de Galaticos en Inglés - FMM18


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Real Madrid - El Desafío Real de Galaticos en Inglés


Enter the poster boy of English football, David Beckham. After many years of stunning collaboration, Manchester United’s prodigal son eventually outgrew the Premier League’s frontrunners, as his larger than life allure took him far beyond his homeland’s borders, and it made perfect sense that, despite initially being promised to their rivals Barcelona, Beckham should leave English shores for Madrid in 2003, to join fellow Galácticos Luís Figo, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo in the most star-studded of line-ups.

Though on-field success alluded his team for much of his time in Spain, Beckham, his renowned right foot, and his unquestionable work ethic provided plenty moments of inspiration, on the way to a solitary league title, which proved more than enough to ensure his fond remembrance by the demanding Real faithful.

Michael Owen was next to follow David Beckham in and out Real’s revolving door. Signed for just a fraction of his compatriot predecessor, expectations of Owen’s impact in Madrid were pitched significantly lower than those who came before him. However, despite finding a place in the starting line-up painfully elusive, and given the grace of just a single injury-stunted campaign in which to make his mark, Owen completed his only year in Madrid with the best goals-to-minutes-played ratio of all his teammates, meaning he returned to England on the back of a spell at Madrid that was short but still relatively sweet.

Then came the turn of Nunthorpe’s own Jonathan Woodgate to follow the sun southwards and tread the same prodigious path in 2004, whose comparatively disastrous stint in Spain would prove sufficient to make him the fifth and, to date, final Englishman to play for Real Madrid.

Challenge Rules:

  • Load Spain and any other countries you wish.

  • Take control of Real Madrid.

  • You must sign a three english players. One central defender, Central/Right Midfielder and a Striker.

  • Over the next four seasons rack up as many points as possible based on the scoring system below.

  • No cheats or unlockables allowed.

  • A career thread for us to follow is advised.

  • Photo evidence is needed.

  • No Myclub or created players

Scoring system:

La Liga:
1st – 25 points
2nd – 20 points
Top 4 – 15 points
5 - 6th - 10 points
7-8th – 5 points
9th - 15th – -10 points
15th - 17th – -20 points
Relegated - -50 points

Sacked: -25 points (and the challenge is over)

Copa Del Rey:
Winner - 25 points
Runner Up - 20 points
Semi Finalist - 15 points
Quarter Final - 10 points
Fourth or Fifth Round Exit - 0 points
Third Round Exit - -10 points

Spanish Super Cup:
Winners – 25 points 
Runners Up - 20 points

Champions League:
Winners – 50 points 
Runners Up - 25 points
Semi Finalist - 20 points
Quarter Finalist - 10 points
Knockout Rounds - 5 points
Group stage - 0 points

Europa League:
Winners – 50 points 
Runners Up - 25 points
Semi Finalist - 20 points
Quarter Finalist - 10 points
Knockout Rounds - 5 points
Group stage - 0 points

European Super Cup:
Winners – 25 points 
Runners Up - 20 points

FIFA World Club Cup:
Winners – 25 points 
Runners Up - 20 points

Rivalries: (Competitive Only)
Beat Atleico Madrid - 5 points
Beat Barcelona - 5 points

Win La Lig Manager of the year – 5 points
La Liga Player of the year - 5 points
Top La Liga Goalscorer - 5 points


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