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Help changes.txt in FMM 2018?

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On 14/08/2018 at 23:32, Craig Duncan said:

Ive created a changes.txt file and placed it in the normal folder and nothing happens what am I doing wrong? Please help I'm getting annoyed at myself lol


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Please Help!!!!! how can I fix the competition and clubs real names on my fmm18. It showing champions cup instead of Champions league and Europa cup. And some clubs names. Thanks.

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Okay, seems lots of people are having problems with changes.txt and I just spent an hour trying to get it to work (on Android). 

For me, not only did I have to put the changes.txt in the right place (the Documents/Sports Interactive/FMM 18/normal folder) and the right format, I also had to reset the skin cache. This can be done by going to Preferences > User Interface and pressing the Reset Skin Cache button (which seems to be blank half the time, but it's the bottom button, go ahead and press it anyway).

That got things working for me, although I did run into some other gotchas (like trying to move a player to a club which already has 40 players, meaning he shows against that club in a search, but isn't in the squad). 

Hope that helps.

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