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Career The Atletico Madrid Challenge - 30 season

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As the first challenge I chose "The Atletico Madrid Challenge" sounds really interesting. thirty seasons, thirty strikers, who must score over 29 goals in the season


The Challenge

  • Starting with Atletico and a striker already at the club you must score 30+ goals in a single season then demote and sell the striker.
  • Now you must sign a replacement for the talented forward.
  • Your replacement must now go on to score 30+ goals in a single season.
  • Once the season is finished and he has his 30+ goals you must demote and sell the player.
  • You now sign a replacement....Rinse and repeat.

In Short

Your striker must score 30+ a season, if he fails the challenge is over. If you manage to score 30+ goals you demote and sell the striker and find someone else to once again score 30+ goals. This continues until you fail or have enough.

The Rules

  • If a player fails to break 30 the challenge is over.
  • Screen shots must be used as evidence, ideally a career would be posted in the careers section for us to follow.
  • Own formations only.
  • No cheats, glitches, unlockables (outside ones unlocked in the save) or editing of the game in any way (save editor/change texts)"


The striker who will try to score the required 30 goals will be "El Niño", juvenile Club Atlético de Madrid


Updates will be available at the end of each season


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                                                                                     season first of thirty?


It's time to sum up Torres game. Did he give us a trophy or did he come up with some individual trophies? Did he score the required thirty goals?
You will find out about this all by reading this hopefully interesting entry, so let's start!

But first about the team, transfers and expectations imposed by the board
The main goal was to secure a place in the next year's Champions League campaign. The board was also expecting us to play in the 1/2 finals of the Champions League in the 17/18 season and win the Spanish Cup.
The season was heavy, and we were looking for an optimal combination of players on the pitch, always missing something, maybe happiness?


The priority for us was to strengthen the defensive sides. Both Juanfran and Filipe Luis did not persuade me, without any regret, to part with them.






                                                                                                     UEFA Champions League:

Without any surprises, the group was the easiest one in this edition of CL.
In the group of such teams as Qarabaq, Roma, SLB. 15 points the ratio of goals 14: 3. In 1/8 we went to another team from Portugal - Sporting Lisbon where we won 8: 2.
We were in Tottenham in the fourth quarter, just thinking ...





                                                                                                           Spanish Cup:

In the fifth round there was a team duel from Madrid, after two exciting meetings it was known that in the 1/8 finals the team dug out of the capital: D




The final success was Real, beating Espanyol 2-0



League dominated by Real, who has already ...


So ... already on the seventh of April he secured the Spanish championship.

We were fighting for the first four, and the fight for it lasted until the last season of the season.





Fortunately, we managed to achieve the goal, but at some point we had 13 points lost to fourth place, I prayed that I would not throw myself into the snout





The brightest side of the team was without a doubt the Frenchman: 15 assists, 16 goals and a score of 7.53, and Belg Carrasco, who also scored 16 goals, had 7.53 points and recorded two assists less than Griezmann






                                                                                                Fernando Torres:

Fernando Torres:
It will be hard for me to say goodbye to the live legend of the club, but ... the rules are to obey them. The 34-year-old boy who spent the best time in his life right here in Madrid was proud to say goodbye to the fans and the team.
He won one award for the month player.

In the first meeting of the season he scored two goals, then it was different, but several screen shots of the matches will be available




he did it, scored 31 goals, capped in front of him!


I will definitely want to strengthen the position of AMC and I will consider whether another striker who will try to score at least thirty goals next season will Diego Costa or someone pull (I think Cavani).

In addition, I have to do something with defense, because such a defensive defense I did not have






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You got the 30+. Well done! Torres was worldclass back in the day and still enough in the tank to pull it off. 

Goodluck with the other 29 :)

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On 12.11.2017 at 08:06, BatiGoal said:

You got the 30+. Well done! Torres was worldclass back in the day and still enough in the tank to pull it off. 

Goodluck with the other 29 :)

Fernando is my favorite striker who played in Liverpool. Even after he treated the club during the transfer to Chelsea, I have been supporting him for a long time, even from the time he played at Atletico.
It will be useful to 29 consecutive seasons, I hope that he will spare me enough


16 minutes ago, Niall C said:

Love this challenge. Best of luck with it 

thank you, today should appear update from season two!

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                                                   season two of thirty?

I may start out because TOTY in the BBVA league




Two representatives, but ... surprises the absence of Torres, who finished the season just one goal less in the league than Cristiano Ronaldo.



At the beginning of the new season, new hopes have come for both the Spanish and European cups.
We wanted to erase the weak previous season and finally win something. The team has only three players, but each name is probably familiar to you.



As you can see, the new striker is coming to the club and it is him - Batshuayi will try to score 30 goals in the season.


                                 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE & SPANISH CUP:
I forgot to make screenshots of these two cups, but fortunately in the schedule you can see these results.




In the Spanish Cup we did not even advance to the finals ...Barcelona won by winning 5: 2 with our losers.

Real Madrid's Champions League triumph was better than PSG




great start to the season, despite the defeat in the first round, to the tenth line the balance of 8-1-1, then a lot of injuries destroyed the dream ... again nervous battle for TOP4 at the end of the season




I wonder if we will ever match Barcelona and Real ...

59 goals have been lost, that's a joke




As I wrote before, a lot of injuries, where we could not wait longer than a month to play the primary eleven. Despite this, I am satisfied with the results obtained.









                                                 Michy Batshuayi:
It was a great start to scoring two goals. Until March he played very well, where already on March 6 in a match against Granada scored 30th goal in 18/19 season, but later regression .. in the next 14 meetings he scored ...




Season two of the challenge I consider complete and successful, left only 28!


17/18 Fernando Torres 35 31
18/19 Michy Batshuayi 45 33
                   TOTAL GAMES                  TOTAL GOALS
80 63


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