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Help Update 9.0.1


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Did the new update sort out the player of the season and team of the season bug? Can anyone help me, cheers. 

Also if you update the game, do you need to start a new career or can you continue your career with fixes 

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Following!  I haven't noticed any game breaker bugs yet, and am already emotionally attached to the mighty Bognor Regis so unsure whether I should download it...

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3 minutes ago, aligempf said:

Any example of particularly bad Teams of the Season/Team of the Week?

For example i went caley thistle, i had a player named dorans who scored 20+ goals and 15 assists. He got the highest average rating in the league at the end of the season and never got into the team of the year and lost out on player of the year to a striker who scored 8 goals in 20 games. 

That is just 1 example. 

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If you see something similar to this again, a save from before the team is announced would be very helpful. Please bear in mind though that not all awards are purely based on player ratings. Some awards are influenced heavily by reputation (as they are in real life with teams lower down not getting much of a look in).

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