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Career Liverpool way


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One conqueror from the most titled clubs in Europe established in 1892r, five of Cup of the Europe/league of Champions, eighteen titles of the champion of England, magic Stamboul, magic night on Anfield in season 15 / 16, but are also and these more evil memories - two tragedies which are significant both for the English, as well as European football.


It is meeting the fan FC Liverpool, of red part Merseyside.
The club at present is contending with bad leading by FSG. I am daring to claim, that until are FSG behind The Reds helms (treat the club as earnings) it doesn't have even what to dream about some bigger success in England or in Europe.

As the young boy I have always wanted to take Liverpool even if in one meeting, fortunately so games like the Football Manager Mobiles lets it in the virtual atmosphere.

As the general objective I would like to double trophies both in England and in Europe (to make the club the largest in the most world), to lean composition against native footballers, to take the representation of England to titles.

The career will be conducted in the untypical way, or else will appear interviews with coaches, with competitors, comparisons will be different.
I hope that you will like it

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Official announcement: 1 June 2017

With the today Dawid Wojciechowski became a new manager of the team


interview with the coach: 1 June 2017 14:00


Joyce Paul: how I am feeling you as the new manager of the team?

Dawid Wojciechowski: for such moments it is worthwhile risking, I hope that I will fulfil hopes bent in me

PJ: don't you think that Liverpool is attacking deep water?

DW: Possible, the time will show everything. However the mind is telling, that to the best decision

PJ: you see composition? Is he enough strong in order to compete at many fronts? Will some familiar surnames appear?

DW: above all the market earlier is in order can talk to this subject. I must get to know every footballer both on the court as well as outside it. Only after some time I will be able to say something about the team.

PJ: what expectations did the management board present with the current season?

DW: Advance to the league competition of Champions at the next season, leaving the UCL group in this season and above all improvement in results with weaker teams



meeting with footballers: 1 June 2017 17:00

DW: I welcome, how you already know starting from today together we will be cooperating. I would like to get to know you everyone individually, to create the very convivial atmosphere in the team based for frankness, understanding, friendship and a family atmosphere

JH (Jordan Henderson): we will try along with the entire team to get to know you philosophy, to cooperate with the coach. However we have a question - you see rivalry on this many fronts?

DW: Rotation, rotation and one more time rotation. Nobody is of steel in order to play something by sixty meetings in the season. For the beginning I am deleting nobody although I expect employing on trainings, but then everyone will have a chance to play FC Liverpool in such a large club he is which nobody although I expect employing on trainings, but then everyone will have a chance to play FC Liverpool in such a large club he is which

JH: everything is clear. You could hear men, we are setting to work, everyone has from now to fill with writing the white sheet, with which he can with excellent achievements!

end of day

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