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Hi All, 

Finally understanding of the whole FMM2018 database issue, I have decided to find something motivates me. 

I am a long time Man Utd Supporter (since FMH PSP version when i am still able to create my own tactic and move upwards till stop playing and returning on FMM2017)

As such, i guess it times to bring back the SOMS (Story Of My Seasons) (Previously to highlight on the career.)

I had decided for 4 Save currently

1 - FC United (As many know is the result of Glazer take over and formed) - Leading them to overtake Man Utd

2 - Of course the easiest of all. using Man Utd and return to the era of Sir Alex Ferguson.

3 - Albinoleffe (A rather young team formed at 1998 also) currently in Serie C/B. Languish mostly between Serie B and C. highest accomplish of 4th in Serie B in 07-08. can i lead them to Serie A and stay?

4 - Karlsruhe (a relatively new relegate to the third division in Germany)  (whether can i bring them back to the top of Germany and break Bayern Stronghold?)

maybe a few more to add. but a vote on which save to start?


Edit : I will be posting as much as I can. hopefully can keep me motivated since FMH (hated FMM for touch screen no psp L button to return to previous screen)

Device : iPhone X

League Loaded : Full England , Italy, Germany & Spainish (213000 Max Database)



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Leaning towards 3 and 4. Tbh I know nothing about Albinoleffe, never heard of 'em, Karlsruhe I remember watching on TV ages ago in the UEFA Cup. They had a great team back then. Wondering if you're able to bring this club back to the top of German football and into Europe. 

I pick 4.

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Thanks BatiGoal. and here comes

                                                                                           Karlsruher SC Logo 2.svg

On 8th July 2017, Marc-Patrick Meister has been released by Karlsruhe S.C. following the relegation of the club. Karlsruhe SC. Karlsruhe S.C. Chairman &$ Board of Directors would all like to express their gratitude to Marc-Patrick Meister for the service he has given to the club over the past 3 Month. At the same time, we would like to announce our new Manager Andrew Chua, 27 Singaporean. 

Andrew Chua : To become the manager of Karlsruhe S.C. is a special honour in the game. To all my critics, who think I am inexperience, young and do not know how to speak German to handle the team. I will prove it with my determination and hard work. I will not let this club down. 

Karlsruhe S.C. comes with 


Training Facilities : Impressive

Youth Facilities : Great

Stadium : Wildparkstadion (Capacity 29699)

Expectation : Mount a serious challenge for league title

Transfer Fund : £1.25M

Wages Budget : £101,000 Per Week

Maximum Wage : £10.5K per week




The overview of my General Staff. with all Silver, i don't think i have any grumbling or the need to change for now.


Assistant Manager


My Assistant Manager hail from Greece but to sack him will cost me 100K, as such I am gonna keep him with me till I am more free with my budget.

My Coaches



My two other coach, Kai Rabe and Christian Eichner are young, 34 and 36 and already silver badges. I believe they will be my long term coaches as they can go a very long way with me. I am targeting to actually Sack my Assistant Manager and bring in a Fitness Coach while myself will concentrate on Defending.




My Scout are both First Team Scout and Youth Scout. With them both aging 72 and 60, i will be looking at replacing them soon. However the Aptitude of Natural for Edmund Becker is tempting me to hold him. Once again, with Finance in constraint and with both of them Silver, i will be holding them for first season atleast




My both Physio again are German, with Rehabilitation and Prevent together and Silver Badge, I will be holding them.


Team Summary


Looking at my team Summary, My Coaches think my team is slow and is lacking depth. While i need create some Magic with my limited Fund


A Good sign of the lack of depth. not much replaceent at each area.


The Suggested XI Recommends a 4-2-3-1 Formation which i will follow and carry on.


Next Up (Player Analysis)


Edited by Dr3w
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Yeah bro. To be honest its very decent. Now i am facing the issue is should i overhaul and clear my whole squad or should i improve on the squad. Now gonna touch the staff. 100k to sack my rather ok assistant manager is not worthy. Tonight i will come up with the player analysis

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Interesting save. I'm not sure how the game decides the suggested formation tbh.

The lack of depth will be an issue I'm curious to see how you'll solve, especially in widetail areas.


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