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Help Need help for conceding fewer goals


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Conceding way too many goals this year, finished 5th last season with a goal difference of 0! This despite my defenders being 4+ stars. Tried playing around with tactics, 5 at the back, defensive setup, 2 DMs, etc, but still doesn’t fix my porous defence. 


This is what I have set up at the moment. Has helped me keep a few more clean sheets but still not happy with my defensive record.

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Tempo - As you are playing at a such low level your players obviously won't be the best in the world so if you are trying to get them playing quick it may tire them extremely quick leading to the opponents able to break down your defense. Personally I would bump it down a little to Normal.

Look for Overlap - As you are using 2 fullbacks on each side this would get them very far and will just be dragging them out of position. Using Look for Overlap is still good if your wanting to attack but if you are struggling in defense I would take it off.

Two Fullbacks(per side) - Adding more players to your wing defense won't help you greatly so there really isn't a point. I would just keep them at rm/lm or rw/lw.

Midfield - As you have 7 defensive players your midfield will be getting completely over run which is not great if your wanting to build up an attack, as the opponent will break down the attack pretty simply.


This is what I've learned from playing the game and through other players so far and hopefully this might help your cause. (y)

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You seem to have a lot of different complex instructions and it looks as if you want to play the game a a lightning pace. As a general rule lower league players can't deal with an overly complicated approach so losing some of those instructions might help. Also they likely don't have the stamina to cope with constant pressing and a high tempo. Also bear in mind that if players are more expressive they are more likely to give the ball away.

You're essentially playing 4 fullbacks. This could actually be counter intuitive because they may just get in each others way or give the opposition to much space in other areas of the pitch. Lower league teams tend to play quite direct and play the ball into the air, having traditional centre backs who can head the ball is the best way to deal with this.

Don't worry too much though, defenders in lower leagues tend to be clumsy and error prone. Unless you come over all Tony Pulis, it's inevitable that you'll concede. I'm a bit of a student of Paul Lambert, so for me, it doesn't matter how many the opposition score, as long as you score more!

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Those 2 extra full backs aren’t usually there, just an experiment to try and sort the mess, I play with a LM and RM, CAM and 2 CMs with a lone striker up front.

My assistant mentions that we have one of the fittest squads in the division, hence why I play at a faster tempo. Will change that and see how I get on. 

Appreciate the advice, thanks.

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Keep things basic

Normal tempo - balanced creative - closing down own half - don't pick any of the options in final third - anchor man at DMC and push wingbacks up to ML


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Don't push so many players so far back. Having 2 fullbacks on both sides won't stop early crosses. Having such a narrow midfield means you lack width in defense.

If your players aren't good enough, don't ask them to speed up the tempo or play expressively. There's hardly a point in that anyways, given there limited options for defense to link to your attack. Close down less if your players aren't physically capable of getting back, because shape is important at lower leagues. If your fullbacks can't get back fast enough or have stamina to last the entire game doing that, don't ask them to overlap.

How exactly are players supposed to "work into the box" when you've got 1 midfielder moving forward? Who's playing the "through balls" if there isn't a midfield at all? One is screening the centre backs and another is further up front near the strikers.

I'm not sure what tactic you initially started with before tweaking it into this monstrosity, but I'd suggest just starting a new tactic from scratch. 

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