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I want to understand precisely strategy against each kind of Team mentality and all other important factors that need to be considered

Something like below


 Team Mentality:

Opponent - Balanced (Width- Balanced | Tempo - Normal | Creative Freedom- Balanced    vs            You (RECOMMENDED STRATEGY SETTINGS) -  ________  (_____ | ________|_______ )   (A short description/reason can be added for here for each such strategy to understand what are we trying to do with each setting here... like if we have kept everything balanced then what is the idea behind it)

Opponent - Contain ( Width- Narrow | Tempo - Slow | Creative Freedom - Expressive        vs            You (RECOMMENDED STRATEGY SETTINGS) -  ________  (_____ | ________|_______ )

and so on.....  rest all things like Formation can be described as "attacking" "balanced" "Defending"  depending on the number of players placed in the formation.  


Anyone having thorough understanding of this game ... please come up with such thread .... its really missing ... ( I have seen other threads as well.. they are good but just not precise in delivering the right content ... maybe a little vague and not very lucid)


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I'm just wondering what kind of success rate you're expecting here. If you believe there's a definitive counter tactics for every opponent you face regardless the quality of your own team I have to disappoint you. Whatever info I give, if you lose the next two games I bet you say my advice sucks :)

It so very much depends on your squad. And my thinking is that if there's a counter for every single AI set up and my players are actually able to perform each and every single one to perfection to win all games, run at defense, early crosses, fast, slow, committed, high defensive line etc, well then my players must be truly exceptional and I may as well play to my own team's strengths. 

Everyone here plays his own way and my way is looking at my own squad and getting them to play to the best of their ability within the group, and that's a long road of trial and error. There's some very good threads here on how to manage that and if you succeed you're winning the large majority of your games. The (my) other 10% is looking for space to exploit on the opponent's side of the pitch. This is sometimes the difference between a draw or a win. 

I'm afraid the answers you're looking for don't exist. 

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