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Help FMM Optimized?


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Im back people!

With a problem, ofc... back when I had a 6S Plus, I noticed it was so smooth playing FMM. With my S7Edge its not that smooth. Is it optimized? Anything i can do?

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I'm surprised to read this. Now, there could be any number of factors leading into this being the case, but I'm playing this as we speak on my S7 Standard (not Edge), with no trouble whatsoever. Could it perhaps be the number of players/leagues you have loaded? I generally do my best to keep my player count under 15000.

You could try giving your phone a reboot, for one, and kill off any background/remaining resident processes. I'd also avoid running any additional applications if you can avoid it, whilst FMM is running. Clearing some additional free space might help as well as getting rid of applications/games that continue to run in the background (of course, within reason, I wouldn't advise going without something you need for the sake of FMM).

What performance mode is your phone set to, and better yet, are any battery saving modes activated? Both can cause programs to slow to a crawl.

Hope that gives you somewhere to start. Best of luck!

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