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Tactics Pep Guardiolas Manchester City tactic


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Ok say basically I've been really taken a back by Man City's playing style this season so I had to try and do it on Football Manager Mobile. I use a 3-2-2-2-1 formation as I wanted to use the inverted full back role. This inverted role back role represents Fabian Delph as we see he comes inside a lot to help with the midfield play. Kyle walker is a full back beacause he bombs up the field to deliver those crosses, for his training I put him on attack so he gets up a lot, I don't really see him as a wing back in Citys team. Defensive midfielder, this is where Fernandinho plays. His role is basically to protect the back two and when he gets the ball he lays it off to the more creative players. Now the David silva and KDB role can be controversial. David silva goes into small spaces to pick the ball and pass it to one of the front three, it's basically the new mezzala role they added to fm18 but since we don't have it I chose B2B as its similar to the mezzala role, it goes into positions an inside forward does. Since silva does not do a lot of defending I put his training on attack aswell so he doesn't get back a lot like an actual B2B does. KDB, I could have put him as a DLP as this year he plays in a deeper role but he also gets up the pitch a lot so I thought the CM role would be good as it still does links up play. As you can see I put sane as a winger as IRL he hugs the touch line but he does cut in so I set his training to attack. Gabriel Jesus is a DLF as we all know guardiola likes his strikers to try and come into midfield to help but a False 9 would have been better and sterling is an inside forward as he cuts inside more( Maybe it's just me but I don't find the inside forward to be very effective this year.) 

So here are the team instructions. I picked control as Guardiola likes his team to be patient as he knows an opportunity will arise,width is balance, team shape normal and the creative freedom is balanced. The defensive line is balance it's not too high up the pitch and I put closing down all over as guardiola likes to get the ball really high up the pitch. Offfside trap is on too. Man City work the ball in the box, they take their time and they play short passes. Passing focus is mixed as guardiola likes to dominate all parts of the pitch and the goalkeeper distribution is short as he plays from the bacK

I have also uploaded some stats from the matches I have played so far.

Hope you try and enjoy this tactic and try and tell other people. ( I will be also doing a Jose mourhino counter attack tactic)

(my first tactic I uploaded sorry for the lay out lol)


















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@Eogtuc0910 I had less possession against Chelsea as they were the better side, I don't know what happened but if you see the passes completed I'm gettin more than 80 percent. I normally have more possession in other games it was really just those two

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To be fair mate this is pretty close, i would be inclined to play KDB deeper as he is more of DLP.

But that role in the game is tricky to play with uber creative players like KDB.

congrats though.

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55 minutes ago, Lilpump19 said:

@FuddledFoxthank you really appreciate it, if theres anything i could improve on please let me know

I think it's well thought out. The thing I would do differently is that I would make Kyle Walker a WB not a FB simply because I think he would get further forward but you probably find FB is working well for you.

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22 hours ago, rseven said:

I am glad to see the IWB (The new role)to be used in your tactics.
I am testing the tactics with IWB, too.


:)Hope to see more new player roles work in different good tactics.

I am interest in all the new player roles acting, will you share the IWB testing result here?

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