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iScout My Scouting and youth development


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My Developed Youth signings :


1.) Leonardo Vincete : 

Bought for -  $6.5 million


Current Value: $155 million



2.) Alex Bahanack 

Bought for - $3 Million


Current Value : $81 Million



3.) Oscar Franks

Bought for - None (youth promotion)

Current Value - $69 M





4.) Santiago Vela

Bought for : $6 million



Current Value: $ 55 Million




5.) Adrian Gusu 

Bought for : $ 6 million


Current Value : $38 Million




6.) Fabio Caffarelli

Bought for :  $2.8 million


Current Value : $87 million



7.) Ignacio De Arrascaeta

Bought for : $ 6 M


Current Price : - $98 M








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On 08/12/2017 at 05:38, yeska17 said:

Can you please share how do you train them or any other tips about youth development? Thanks!

intensive training.... be ready for injuries and to deal with injuries you need to have backups (depth) for each role. keep rotating the young player and keep the developed player in playing 11... substituting them later in the game with young lads.

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IT with 4 gold preps I guess?

Trying to develop but doesn't seem to work that much in lower leagues, any other tip apart from giving them minutes and IT?

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On 12/19/2017 at 19:22, mahora65 said:

sry im new to this can you explain ??

When you play this game enough it will create new junior player with older retirements player details. Example Vela can be "Messi".

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Do you have tips on getting regens, especially of those from the same league you’re in? I tend to stick with the English leagues but you try and search for regen Rooney for example and you can get up to 10-15 pages of English men!! 

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Look for young players with simmilar stats, as Rooney(if your looking for his regen). You can add a player to scrapbook before he retires, to make it easier,

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