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Chat Will starting a major save, get changed by update?


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Over the years I have read many posts, saying no good starting a proper save until the first big update.

Have any of you held back from doing a proper save, and have some of you already began a save, which you intend to build on already

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There will definitely be some changes, but nothing that should be game breaking that you'd have to start a new save for, such as the winter transfer update.

It's possible a bug may have effected you "in the past", but won't affect you as you continue on more seasons following the update.

Really, I think this is a case-by-case basis and whether you want to dedicate your time to a long-term save early in the cycle or not. I don't think the game updates have anything to do with this mentality.

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Thanks cause, i have had the game since the day it came out, but have been hesitant about really starting anything, as have read loads of people saying, how dreadful the game is always at launch

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