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Challenges The 'Alan Hansen' you can't win it with kids challenge!


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Hey all, 

I was thinking of a good challange for you all to have a bash at and i struggled to be fair..untill...

I came up with this little beauty.

As everyone may remember the infamous Match of the Day episode when Alan Hansen critised Sir Alex Ferguson about his talented but very young squad, "you can't win anything with kids" he proclaimed.


As you know Sir Alex well and truly rammed those words right down Hansen's throat.

So here is the challange i propose...


Pick a team from the lowest division of any league you wish(excluding non-league).

More leagues you pick the more youngsters to pick from.

Your squad must have no players over 21, your a man at 21 not a kid any more!

Sell or release anyone who is older, proof of squad ages will be required!

No cheating, unlockables can be used once activated.

So once a player reaches 21 he must be sold on or released before/by his 22nd birthday.

Own tactics are essential for this too.

Who has it in them to try and win as much as possible with kids!!

I challange you all and good luck!


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I'm giving this a bash!

I'm taking over my local team:


I'm currently stripping the squad of all its over 21's and scouring the market for youngsters....

Updates to come...

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SEASON 1 2017/18

A huge overhaul of the squad was needed to bring down the ages. Players i didnt get chance to move on are now languishing in the reserves.

We are at the midpoint of the season, January transfer window to be exact.




As you can see the aquad is really young, 5 players are 21 now and need to shifted out soon.

Jones, Brown, Hubers, Adamo and Smith's 22nd birthdays are all after the season finishes so i can keep them around till then but this has bought quite the dilemma as Jordan Brown is my best performing player and highest value.


I dont know why he is sad to be listed as he isnt...slight bug i think.

He has been a major supply of goals too.



Current league standings:


Half way through the season and our young squad is doing really well.

Hoping the remaining 20 games go well.

Thanks for reading all.


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