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Career The Rebirth of the Netherlands


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The Netherlands, after failing to qualify for two major international tournaments in a row, the Euros and the World Cup, must seriously re-evaluate their current setup should they want to be competitive on the global stage in the near future. The team that brought us to the World Cup finals in 2010 is getting ever closer to retirement, with the likes of Arjen Robben, who has already retired from the international stage, and Van Persie, who has only made 6 appearances for the national team in the past three years among the more notable Dutch players of recent times.


It will now come down to the newer generations of Dutch players to emulate the success and the nearly moments of once-great Dutch teams like that of the total football team in the 70s, who led the Oranje to two successive World Cup finals, and the team in 1988, who won the Clockwork Orange their first and only major international trophy to date, a European Championship.

In this career I will be attempting to return the Netherlands to their former glory, adding to the mostly empty trophy cabinet of the Dutch FA. Not only will attempt to make Holland a driving force internationally, I will strive to make dutch clubs serious contenders continentally, rivaling the Ajax team of 1970-73, PSV in 1988 and most recently Ajax again in 1995.



  • Become manager of Holland and win at least 3 major competitions (Euros or the World Cup).
  • Manage any dutch club and win at least 5 champions league trophies, as well as three consecutive European club competitions (Europa League or Champions League).


  • Bring the Eredivisie to the top 5 of the league rankings displayed in-game.
  • Have a dutch player, either a current or former player of your club, win at least 3 World Player of the Year Awards.
  • Beat Spain, Germany or Argentina in a World Cup final.


First season should be coming fairly shortly, please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions please feel free to advise me!

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Oh yes, Dutchie here longing for success of any kind. Make all Dutchies around the world proud again. Hmm.. We are and always have been proud of our team and colors so let me rephrase that.. Give us something to cheer for :D

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2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Oh yes, Dutchie here longing for success of any kind. Make all Dutchies around the world proud again. Hmm.. We are and always have been proud of our team and colors so let me rephrase that.. Give us something to cheer for :D

I'll try my best, I'm really longing for revenge against the teams that beat us in the final in the past. :)

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Season 1

For this career I chose Ajax, mainly for their long history of domestic and continental success and also for their youth system and players, among the best in the world. I figured to complete my objectives I'd need access to a plethora of young talent, perfect for winning titles in the future.


*please excuse the taskbar on the right, I'm currently experimenting with apps that screenshot without the clutter currently present*





I was a bit sad about the departure of star players Ziyech and Dolberg, the latter leaving in January along with Justin Kluivert, but with the funds raised I was able to buy some very good players who should develop well for the seasons to come. Not pictured in the screenshot were the acquisitions of Maximiliano Romero, currently the star of a promising 1KC career which prompted me to get my hands on him for only a few million pounds. Moussa Demebélé also arrived in January for about 20 million, developing very well as a replacement for Dolberg along with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, already at the club.

Domestic Competitions





Very productive first season domestically, I really didn't have any serious competition in the Eredivisie and as a result topped the table with 92 points and 104 goals scored. Let's see how I got on in Europe!




Now after qualifying for the champions league through some playoff matches against weak opposition, we were placed in the group of death, facing PSG, Liverpool and Benfica. We managed to do quite well, drawing and beating PSG, but lost to the Reds twice and only managed a draw and a defeat against the Portuguese Giants, the latter of which ended up being our last game in the prestigious competition, demoting us to the Europa League. 

A very well-deserved win against Juventus in the semi final sent us through on aggregate, facing CSKA Moscow in the final. I forgot to screenshot the game, but we won 3-0, with goals from Huntelaar, Veltman and Neres.

This concludes the first season of this career, please give feedback and stay tuned for season two!





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Typos, wrong screenshot in domestic competitions section
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15 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Sad to see star players leave

Yeah I was too, I have a special place in my heart for most Ajax players. Dolberg and Kluivert were constantly begging for a "new challenge" and they were "fed up with being a big fish in a small pond" so I really had no choice but to let them go.

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