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Career From the bottom to the Top: North Ferriby


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To this day the North Ferriby was due last in the Vanarama National north, with very bad results. This is what I have decided to choose this team, to take it from the bottom to the top.

When I met the team there were young people, with a good group but with a formation that I did not like, so I decided to play counter, giving control to the opponents changing the formation and making a change in the team, sell veterans and sign interesting players free, to reinforce the economy of the club.







In the month of August I had some results not very good, 9 points of 33 possible, trying to get out of the positions of descent.



To try to improve that I added a balanced tactic, with an open 4-3-3, pressing up and playing outside. After these changes I will try to be more consistent in the games, take more control and try not to fit so many goals.





The first matches of September were also defeats, putting in the position 21. I hope that with the change of tactics, having more control and defending up to not let play the opponent can get better results and put up in the ranking.


I will update the career if I see any drastic changes in the game of the team and if it is not when the month of December arrives or the period of transfer of winter. I hope I have more luck and better results.

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