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Challenges The Santiago Muñez Challenge


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The Santiago Munez Challenge some of you rememer the name. It was something @Ashez came up with back in 2014.

We was talking the other day when he mentioned he had been think about it as with the inclusion of MLS this year it could be the truend challenge so here we have it.


  • Win the CONCACAF Champions League with LA Galaxy
  • Get the Newcastle Job
  • Sign Munez
  • Win the Champions League with Newcastle 
  • Get the Real Madrid Job
  • Sign Munez
  • Win the Champions League with  Real Madrid
  • Challenge Done!

Munez has to be an integral part of the team so screenshots of his end of season contribution will be needed.

  • LA Galaxy, Newcastle and Real Madrid are the only teams you can manage
  • Photo evidence must be provided, i'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow
  • No cheating, reloading or use of the editors
  • Own formations only
  • This save file must be used!
  • Have fun!

Thank you to @Ashez for the inspiration and original idea. 

I hope you all have fun!


Save file to 0/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2018/normal/games

Download the challenge here


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It's really interesting to say the least but getting the Real job must be an hell of a task since their managers rarely get sacked or leave. On the other hand has anybody been able to win the World Player of the Year with him? 

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