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Career The Boys from Bilbao


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Firstly, for those of you who are enjoying the FC save that is NOT over. I fancied a slight break from it as playing the same teams does get slightly repetetive, however it will be back. I fully intend on doing the full 30 years so look out for that in the future. 

Moving onwards, a challeneg I have always fancied doing was a career with Bilbao. They have a wonderful young team. so in that respect it isn't so much of a challenge, however, with their basque only policy, toppling the Barcelona/Real/Atletico axis of power, espeicially later on in the game does provide tricky I am told, and thus, should keep you all entertained. So here we go. Atheltic Bilbao, I reckon this is going to be a good one. 

As already alluded too, Bilbao do have a very good squad. Their academy is one of the best in the world, and it has to be due to the limitations the club impose. The issue that I will inevitably have going forward is that these players unless we become a major force will very quickly outgrow us. However I am determined to keep the group together. 

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Kepa is one of the most highly rated young keepers in the world. I have managed to tie him down to a 5 year deal, so we are guaranteed a good service out of him. Having a solid reliable number one is so important to any team so having ours already at the club is a big start,

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We all know Aymeric. He is one of the best young players in the world. Already I have had to reject bids for him, however I am determined to have him see out his deal. 

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Another amazing young talent, I've got him tied down on a new deal to keep him here for 5 years, will be the best right back in the league before long. 

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The focal point of our attack. This lad is genuinley the dogs bollocks. Outstanding.

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The first transfer window or two will be sparce. Theres a lack of players available to us that will actually improve us all that much at this stage, so we only made the two signings.  Alex and Jon. Two absolutley Basque sounding names if there ever was two. We play a narrow 4-2-1-3 so there was no need for the out an out width of Susaeta, and a good fee was accumulated for him, in the process. 

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Lad has got a lot of potential, and will add much needed depth to our forward line. I'm very hopeful for this one. He should score us some goals. 

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I'm going to try and convert Alex into our first choice left back, There is flexibility there which I do like, and can see him doing very well for us. 


So that's the squad, now for the real fun to begin. 

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July and August have proven to be very good months for us. In between those friendlies we negotatied our way through two qualifying rounds of the Europa League with relative ease before starting the season brilliantly with a win at home to Real, before a point away at Atleti. Two of the hardest games of the season not only out the way, but out the way with four points.  A very good start for us. 

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Another decent month for us. I wasn't too dissapointed with the points return against Valencia and Sevilla as not only are they very tough games, they are now of course out the way. That aside we applied ourselves very well, and heading into a busy October, we find ourselves in a good position to build on.

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Not to bad. 


A further update will be around tomorrow, most probably end of the season, and then away we go. Thanks for reading as always. Cheers, Jack xx


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